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My left shoulder has being giving me some grief niggling pain deep inside it maybe the balljoint. Asked the nurse at work she said the left shoulder at the front was bigger than the right slighty and the head trainer at the gym said so as well so going to have a week off the weights. Going to adjust how I do my training and and not over compensate my left arm which is funny its my weak side. Has anyone had this before and how do you make the right shoulder appear as full as the left and just as developed :cry:

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See a doctor or a physio, possibly get an x-ray too. Just because one of your shoulders is bigger than the other (according to subjective observation) doesn't mean a thing, in fact there's a possibility that you may worsen it due extra activity/loading thinking that it may "restore" the balance between your shoulders but in actual case the pain may be coming from a completely different source, like an inflammed bursa, tendon inflammation or a slight tear. You see a lot of stuff like this around the net, someone asking how to fix a knee problem or back problem, ect. I mean, I'm sure some of you can relate to those people because at some point you've experienced similar injuries (or what you think are similar injuries) but at the end of the day without a proper diagnosis you can't administer the right treatment to that particular person and his/her injury and an internet diagnosis by someone you don't even know isn't something you want or take it with a grain of salt.

So again, see a professional who will try to identify the problem you're experiencing.

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