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ALRI Venom Hyperdrive 3.0


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ALRI Venom Hyperdrive 3.0

View Here for more details on this "Thermogenic Fat Burner"

I feel this review is long overdue as I have used this product on and off for the past year. Venom Hyperdrive is extremely powerful but I had many side effects which sort of killed the good effects of the product.

alri-venomhb2-140x140.jpg Devils Thermo's? :twisted:


Increases stamina and energy

Suppress appetite

Increase calorie expenditure

Improve long term performance

Improve mental focus


Ok now ive used this product sparingly as I have had mixed results, my first trial of it was with the V-Diet I undertook last year and for the past week and a bit I have used it as I eased my way into dieting once again...

First up, I will mention the good points of this product.


1) Increased Energy

I would take one tablet upon waking before my morning cardio and find soon after I would be wide awake, other users have reported that it has the effect of having 5 coffee's in one go and id have to agree to some extent but the feeling of the alertness sometimes felt like I was about to burst which ill detail more in the negatives.

Another bonus (or not, depending on how you look at it) was that I would sometimes wake up 2 or so hours before my alarm would go off and be wide awake which would allow me to prepare myself for cardio. Maybe not so good for recovery but for a habitual sleeper inner it allowed me to wake up on time.

2) Decreased Appetite

I found that I had no appetite at all during the day but if I missed a shake or meal I would go into a weird state that made me feel like I was on drugs, but not in a good way :pfft:


1) Sleeplessness

One day I woke up at 12.30am at night after a 5 hour sleep and I was completly wide awake, I had taken one pill approx 20hrs prior at 4am, Once awake I then stayed awake till 9pm the following day. I wasnt tired at all during the day but I had a very weird anxious jittery feeling the whole day which wasnt very pleasant to be honest which brings up the next negative

2) Anxious and Depressed feeling :shifty:

I started taking these when I was on very low cals and carbs and found that I would often get these anxious feelings which were quite unpleasant. I chalked it up to the low cals but today I thought id drop the pills to see what would happen to my appetite and I feel about a 100 times better lol, no anxious feelings and no depression and my appetite's just fine. I think I came to this conclusion last time but I just forgot.

3) Racing Heartbeat

I had a few mates around for some drinks and one asked what these pills were supposed to do.. I told him if you take one dont expect to sleep till tommorow. He was like "alrigght hook us up :lol: " anyway 4 others wanted to give em a go aswell two girls and two guys. I decided we should measure our heartbeats before and after and all beats increased about 15-25 bpm. We all got the anxious feeling and our hearts felt like they were gonna rip out of our chests and it sort of killed the night :lol:

4) Lack of Sex Drive

Honestly that should be enough not to take it right there....

5) Moodswings

Dont know if it was the diet or these or a combo of both, but I was an asshole more than usual.... Just ask my girlfriend :x

Conclusion 2.5 out of 5

These pills are very powerful but for me the downsides overpowered the positives. Some days I felt great but others I felt like crap and for me having something thats pushing your body to certain extremes of sleeplessness makes the product feel unsafe, especially if taken for long periods of time as you come out feeling drained of nutrients and feeling weak which is never a good thing especially if your trying to keep your strength when dieting...

I also have to mention though that alot of users have had very good experiences with this product, so id recommend you give it a try to see for yourself..


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Great review. As a fellow "sleeper inner", you definitely had me interested when you mentioned waking before the alarm! But I still want to sleep at the other end of the day.

The other side effects sound quite concerning too, and it doesn't sound like you're alone in experiencing these, either...


http://www.1fast400.com/product_reviews ... ts_id=2231

Anyone know what ingredient might be the problem? Is it just the whopping amounts of caffeine? Or could the capsiate, as a DNP-like substance, be causing all the trouble?

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It's hard to know what's in it as it's one of those fancy "proprietary blends".

If anything is wack in that it will be the thiamine trisulfide, which I'm guessing is closely related to sulbutiamine (thiamine disulfide diisobutyrate) . This can make you feel a little like your mainlining something you shouldn't be especially at high doses.

Another ingredient in it is the PEA's. Some Phenylethylamines (PEA) are banned due to their effects on brain chemistry (ie. MDMA, Amphetamine etc). The FDA and most other drug admins are pretty much in the dark about most of these though. So most fat burners these days isolate certain PEA's (cocoa bean [therobroma cacau] is the popular product to use at the moment) and other amines so are essentially becoming legal forms of speed as each formula gets more potent. If you are sensitive to PEA's even low doses could cause unwanted negative side effects.

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http://www.rdchemicals.com/chemicals.ph ... l_id=11954

But is it actually classified as a steroid hormone in NZ? Plant sterols don't tend to fall under the same umbrella as steroids as they never really do too much to the hormonal side of the human body. You'd have to start banning everything under the sun. What about ecdysterone? And Soy? Pretty much all soy based products would have to be prescription only. All of those fancy margarines would have to be pulled off the shelf.

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