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Dr Dre...


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he's sure put on some mass lately, maybe he's working out with 50 cent lol. Find that more common these days tho, instead of rappers just being about drinking cognac and smoking weed they are moving more towards the healthy life style.

Just to name a few...

Omarion, Mario, LL Cool J, 50 cent, Usher, Nelly, Young Buck I know there's a bunch more but i can't think right now but you get the idea anyway.

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Or Rap...depends how you look at it. I know LL Cool J has been working out for years and has recently released a book "Platinum" about his workouts. I read ages ago that if he was on tour he would stop the bus, get out and put on a weight vest, tell the bus driver to drive 5 miles down the road and wait for him.

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