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Creatine - EAS or Prolab?


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I've been doing a bit of research and these 2 products seem to have received the most praise: ESA Creatine and Prolab Creatine. I was wondering whether any of you could point me in the right direction? It doesn't have to be either of those, I'm open to new suggestions. Thanks :)

http://www.nzmuscle.co.nz/product_info. ... ucts_id=54 = PROLAB

http://www.nzmuscle.co.nz/product_info. ... cts_id=101 = EAS

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Just make sure that whatever brand you go for uses either Pfanstiehl or Creapure creatine, they have very high quality control standards.

Some others however have been shown to have relatively high amounts of impurities.

So that being said, out of those two it looks like the Prolab brand uses Creapure, so it's the one I'd go for if I was choosing.

FYI, I usually use Red8 creatine which is Creapure too, and I've always found their stuff to be good value and good quality.

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I'm not too sure where you could get the Red8 stuff online, I just find it at my local Health2000. But with both Prolab and Red8 being Creapure, I can't imagine there really being any difference between the two. I don't think you'll find much cheaper than the Prolab in the link you posted either, it seems like a decent deal to me.

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