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Thanks NJ , would you think 750 of sust would produce less gains and more sides or just preffer the deca test stack?
If your not gaining enough your not eating enough, simple as that!

i was definatly eating clean and lots of food, i just got to a point on cycle and stopped gaining. some may say up the cals with more dirty food but i dont want to put on fat so would rather not. i have heard of people on cycle getting to a point and not gaining any more so i wouldnt put it down to diet. i work in the industry so have a large knowledge and qualifications on nutrioton etc so i cant blame that. just need help on the gear side of things.

In the past I have come to the same conclusion as you, that when the weight levels out you need more gear, but this is not usually the case.

I also have been in the industry for a fair while and would suggest you re-eveluate your diet and see how many cal you are attually consuming.

If you have worked out your maintanance and you are well above it then look at the gear side of things.

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test and deca together is the way to go i was on 600mg test e and 400mg deca for 12 weeks not so long ago which was made in someones kitchen.. id reccomend u do this instead of test only. although if u want bang for yr buck then lots of test would be the way to go depending who yr sources are

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how much did you gain off your test deca cycle 2guns? any sides?

dont know how much i gained, i get nosebleeds when i take deca for somereason and its not the dose of gear just the deca it seems.

that was 1000mg of juice all up (600 test and 400 deca), if i had of just taken 1000mg test by itself strength and size would have been alot better and come faster but keeping gains afterwards would have most probably been harder, this is wat i meant by test is the best bang for yr buck

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