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Muscletech's Competition Use Thermo Shred


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Ok so i'll give this a try, my Hydroxycut Hardcore bottle is almost empty anyway so i needed something new lol. I was having a look for reviews of this product online but failed to find anything at all, so i guess i'll be the guinea pig.


The bottle contains 150 capsules. At 3 capsules per serve, this gives you 50 servings. Taking 3 servings a day(9 capsules) as suggested will give you a full 16 days of fat burning. Not really that long, but as the bottle says this is for competition use only as it contains some diuretic effects and you wouldn't take this year round.


I got my bottle for $106, more than some other fat burners but kinda cheap for a Muscletech product. With 50 servings in a bottle this works out to be about $2 per serve(3 capsules), which ends up costing $6 a day.


It's a capsule... so that's the last you'll hear about it from me.


You should begin by carefully reading the entire label before use and following the labelled directions for use. The following is a portion of the labelled directions.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules with an 8 oz. glass of water 3 times daily, approximately 30 to 60 minutes before meals. On days of your workout, take 1 of these servings before the workout. Consume ten 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Read the entire label before use and follow directions. Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 4-hour period and/or 9 capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime. To assess individual tolerance, follow the chart. For best results, combine Thermoshred with an intense exercise and nutrition program.

Day 1 to Day 3 1 capsule, 3x daily

Day 4 to Day 7 2 capsules, 3x daily

Day 8 & beyond 3 capsules, 3x daily



Muscletech Hype

The best competition-use, muscle-defining thermogenic

Thermoshred™ is the best competition-use, muscle-defining thermogenic. Thermoshred contains a patent-pending formula suitable for competition use only. Each ingredient in Thermoshred is scientifically selected with your competition goals in mind. Thermoshred is made of up three proprietary blends, Incinerate™, Hydroshred™, and Neuro-Tech™.

When it’s time to change gears and get dialed in for a competition, switch to Thermoshred. Due to its powerful formula, you’ll only be using Thermoshred for a short period of time – just long enough to tweak your physique to stage perfection.

Every bodybuilder knows that competition day is the day that matters most. All those hours in the gym, set after set, rep after rep – they all boil down to the day you step onstage. You definitely want to look like you’ve done your homework. So why trust this important task to just any thermogenic? You don’t follow the same diet during your pre-contest diet phase that you do during the rest of the year, so why use a thermogenic supplement that isn’t designed specifically for pre-contest dieting? Thermoshred isn’t meant to be taken at just any time during your bodybuilding journey. It’s designed to help serious bodybuilders get dialed in during the final countdown to contest day.

Thermoshred elevates your body’s metabolic rate while providing a diuretic effect, resulting in less subdermal water retention and greater muscular definition. It also contains Neuro-Tech™, a proprietary blend to help you keep your focus in the gym while you’re dieting, keeping you training hard with the intensity you need to hang on to every ounce of muscle you need!

Don’t trust your pre-contest diet to just any thermogenic. Get on Thermoshred, the first ever competition-grade thermogenic, and take it to the next level!

Now let's see if it can deliver on that


I'm expecting maybe similar result to Hyroxycut Hardcore. I also expect i'll get a Niacin flushing effect the first day or two on the full dosage, and yea probably end up going to the toilet a bit more.

Anyway enough talk i'll start posting results

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Day 1 - 3

Ok so to start off I am only taking 1 capsule 3 times a day, which is 1/3 of the full dose.

1st serve(1 capsule)

As soon as i wake up, just before my morning walk(around 6:30am).

1st day i took this i had a very slight niacin flush, my face got a little itchy but very tame compared to my first full dose of Hydroxycut Hardcore or Test RX.

2nd serve(1 capsule)

About 30min before lunch(around 12).

Didn't notice anything from this one.

3rd serve(1 capsule)

30min before my workout(around 4pm).

Just took this one with protein shake, not sure if that will reduce it's effects.

Just getting warmed up, moving to 2 capsules per serve tomorrow so hopefully the intensity goes up accordingly.

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Day 4

I upped the dosages today to 2 capsules per serve, 2/3 of the full dosages now

1st serve(2 capsules)

As soon as i woke up, just before morning walk(7am).

Felt nothing at all during my walk.

2nd serve(2 capsules)

Took this 30min before lunch(12).

Again felt nothing.

3rd serve(2 capsules)

Took this 30min before my workout(4pm)

Felt nothing.

While i have had no real flushing effect as i was expecting yet, i do feel like i am a little more vascular since starting on this supplement although i'm wondering if that's just a placebo effect.

Maybe i should just skip the warm up and go straight into the full dosage, not feeling much of anything so far but i'll give it a chance before jumping to conclusions. I'll reserve judgement till i've been on this for 7 days at the full dosage(9 capsules a day).

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Day 5

Still at 2 capsules per serve.

1st Serve(2 capsules)

Took this as soon as i woke up(7am).

Haven't felt anything so far.

2nd Serve(2 capsules)

30min before lunch (11:30am).

got a little boost of energy here.

3rd Serve(2 capsules)

30min before workout(3:30pm).

again a little boost of energy, which lead to a decent workout :).

Not very exciting yet i know, have faith it should get more interesting next week :).

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Day 6

Still on 2 capsules per serve.

1st Serve(2 capsules)

Took this as soon as i woke up(7am).


2nd Serve(2 capsules)

30min before lunch (12).

didn't really feel anything.

3rd Serve(2 capsules)

30min before workout(5pm).

took this just as i arrived at the gym.

Haven't felt much of anything from this supplement so far, although I do think I look a little more striated :).

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Day 7

This is the last day of 2 capsules per serve, going to 3 per serve tomorrow :D

1st Serve(2 capsules)

Took this as soon as i woke up(8am, come on it's the weekend... sleep in).


2nd Serve(2 capsules)

30min before lunch (12:30pm).

didn't really feel anything.

3rd Serve(2 capsules)

no workout today so just took this in the afternoon(4:30pm).

felt nothing.

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Day 8

Woohoo finally get to goto 3 capsules per serve

1st Serve(3 capsules)

Took this when i woke up, just before my morning walk(8:30am, late start i know but i went clubbing last night :D only drank water tho :( )

FINALLY felt something, I got all flushed about 15min after taking them, face went all red and hot and a little itchy, dosen't worry me tho cause that's what i've been wanting to happen so at least I know it's doing something.

2nd Serve(3 capsules)

Took this just before going to the gym(1pm).

Didn't really notice this one.

3rd Serve(3 capsules)

Took the last serve when i got home from the gym(4:45pm).

Ok right on que, 15min after taking this serve i got another head rush, face went all red, hot and itchy... hehe fun.

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Day 9

1st Serve(3 capsules)

Took it when i woke up(8:30am)

Got flushed about 15min after taking this

2nd Serve(3 capsules)

Had this 30min before lunch(12)

Again got flushed

3rd Serve(3 capsules)

Took just before going to the gym(4pm)

I think this supplement is the only reason i have energy to do a workout, being on a low carb diet right now with my energy levels rock bottom, man I can't wait till these comps are over. Man i want some carbs :cry:

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Day 10

1st Serve

Took when i woke up(8am)

Got flushed about 20min into my morning walk and my energy levels were certainly better than this time yesterday. Although these walks are taking it out of me, after an hour my legs usually feel pretty stuffed.

2nd Serve

Took this before lunch(12)

Got a little flushed but not as strong as the 1st dose, I think because I had food a little too soon after taking this serve, like 15min gap.

3rd Serve

Took this before heading to the gym(4pm)

Had this with protein shake, didn't really get any flushing effect so i'm not sure if the shake is dimishing it's effect or not, but my energy levels were good during my workout.

ahh crap i hate this diet, it's killing me... always tired, feel like shit all the time, grumpy and short tempered so yea i can't wait till sat night, i think i'm gonna get a large Hell's pizza and demolish it or maybe a couple of burgers from bk :D

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Day - 11

1st Serve

Took just before heading off to the gym(8am)

Had posing practice this morning in the gym at 8:30am. By the time I got there, it was taking effect so I ended up doing the practice session with a bright red face lol, kinda stood out a bit since the rest of me is still pretty white.

2nd Serve

Took this an hour after lunch(1pm)

Got flushed again, but not as strong as the morning dose.

3rd Serve

Took this before heading to the gym(4pm)

When I got to the gym again got a little flushed but it was less than both of the earlier doses. Again I think this supplement is the only reason I have energy in the gym these days as i'm not on any other stimulants, well that and sheer determination to not black out lol.

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I amazed you're still seeing flushing on Day 11 - especially as there's only 33mg of niacin per serve. My own experience with niacin is that the flushing effects reduce dramatically after a couple of days - and I was using 100mg-200mg at a time.

EDIT: I stand corrected. I've just read the part above about Xanthinol Nicotinate and Google tells me that it's "a form of Niacin (vitamin B3) that passes easily through cell membranes. It is the most potent form of Niacin available." So that makes sense. I'm no longer amazed. :grin:

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sorry for not posting the last couple of days, just been busy with the south island classic.

Just trying to get hold of a pic from the show so i can do a before after using ThermoShred.

I did feel a bit more striated leading up to the show on sat, I noticed a few more lines around my triceps and my quads which was pretty cool.

I'm gonna have a few days off this product and then get back into another cycle for the NABBA nats, next cycle i'll start off with Hydroxycut Hardcore and switch to ThermoShred half way through and see how that works out. Oh and i'm not a MuscleTech fanboy or anything, it's just what I happen to have in terms of thermogenics at the moment, am keen to try others like lipo 6 if that's any good and anything else that catches my eye.

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