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Milk thistle


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Sorry to give the wrong advice. I was told awhile ago by a nutrition expert in the states that if taking winstrol in the oral form not to take milk thistle as it stops the absorption. If anyone has more info on this I would be interested in finding out. I know of lots of users who are on oral cycles and I agree that the liver should be protected as much as possible. :? :?

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just an idea, perhaps taking mega doses (as in a full days worth) at night right before bed may seperate it enough so that through the night its working away with your rem gh release, then in the morning you can take your first dose of orals, most orals have a short half life of say 4-6 hours so taking your last orals 4 or 5 pm would mean that you could take a protein shake (keeping nitrogen positive) with your milk thistle. This is what i tend to do regardless of whether or not i am on orals as i find it easier to split up what i am taking and when and i just feel that the best time to heal anything is during sleep. just an idea though.

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17aa groups have been shown to increase liver toxicity through cholestatis. 2 This is impaired bile flow, and can lead to inflammation of the liver, as well as elevated blood cholesterol levels. Milk thistle, contrary to popular opinion, does little for this type of toxicity.

What does work are compounds that can donate sulfur groups to the 17aa steroids, like anadrol. This increases their solubility and allows easier passage through bile ducts and out of the liver. The normal liver apparently has limited ability to accomplish this sulfation reaction on it's own. 3

What donates sulfur groups? One of the best is SAMe (S-Adenyl- Methionine). Another possible one is MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane). As these are non-toxic, high doses should be used with all oral steroids. Look for 800-1200 mg for SAMe and 4,000 to 8,000 mg for MSM. Other low cost methyl donors include NAC, choline and lecithin.

Just found this, to be honest I use milk thistle to, maby I wont now

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i was always lead to believe that the liver suffered due to its constant attempts to detoxify the blood and rid the body of the "aas" in which case this may be why it does help when you get the yellowing of the whites (of your eyes) .... now i realise that this is not very technical and i am not suggesting that the info you (IronGame) have found is wrong in anyway but sometimes things just don't work the way they look on paper. I would keep taking the milk thistle as it can only do you good and if you want to try something new in addition then great and let us know what happens! Remember, when ever a liver is stressed (be it drugs or alcohol etc) the whites go yellow so its real easy to test a theory, milk thistle definately works.


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I have always wondered if a stressed liver (thinking back to my youth here) from drinking heavily on weekends and taking "aas" could cause a reduction in the production of IGF etc? Any ideas? Just a thought, as if it is stressed and therefore not able to work properly, then perhaps this is the case, of course i could be way off here as i have not looked into it and it may be that no matter what happens to your liver the IGF keeps coming.

Laterz (again)

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