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ronnies retirement


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The current Mr. Olympia is always at an advantage. You have to knock him off the top of the hill. By Ronnie stating that this will be his last Olympia, he is playing into the mindset of the judges. They may be more willing to give him the nod for sentimental reasons if the competition is close -- allow the former Mr. Olympia to go out on top.

If this is the case, this may backfire. It might open the door to the X-man oriented physique and draw a close to the mass monster era. You know that is where the IFBB wants to go, they have been saying it for a few years.

Is Ronnie just playing games or is he serious? I think he really is going to retire (maybe from the sport as a whole) but he's using this to his advantage.

Just my gut...

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a bit cunning announcing it before the Olympia , could be very controversial if he wins , i dont think he could handle not winning and if he dosnt win id put money on it hell be back , saying that though i think being knocked off his perch last time round hes hungry r and more determined than ever to wipe the floor clean , and i hope he does, ... number 9 cumin up king ronnie !!

heres the olympia posters to look at :grin:



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