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NZFBB Nationals 07


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Hi everybody, aiming for the 07 nationals teenage men class.. would like to win it :pfft:

these photos taken tonight and weighing 80 kgs at about 14-12% bf i think??. im 17 years old 5'7ft and been training for a few years, as you may notice im 2guns brother.. background :grin:

will update pics in a few weeks.

feedback on posing or anything is very welcome and any questions aswell





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aim for 8-10% bf and you'll kill it


8-10.. i wana get lower then tht.. is it possible in 6 weeks? i hope

I think Small is thinking in terms of female BF... 8-10% on a girl is much leaner than 8-10% on a boy. 8)

I agree with her other comment though - very nice proportions. The posing is pretty good too - have you been practising that?! Try taking a slightly wider stance on the rear double bicep with your front foot moved left a fraction. Everything else is excellent.

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tend to agree in 6 weeks you should be paper thin. cardio twice a day right up to a week or so out and than start dropping the water. if you are doing any "allowed" sups (i'm not sure of the nzfbb rules anymore) to skim more water off. just check the vascularity. if you can see veins everywhere i reckon you should be around 3% on comp day. Good luck, and post the compulsory poses after the prejudging and before the glass of water :)

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8-10.. i wana get lower then tht.. is it possible in 6 weeks? i hope

Looking good there bro...I would actually put you at 10 or 11% rather than 12-14. How much heavier are you there than you u were at the sonny?

I'm sure old big bro will show you the tricks he's got up his tight sleeves for getting lean haha :pfft: :pfft: :pfft:

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well been on my diet for 1 week and have so far lost 1.8 kgs.. is this to much? i hope none of it is muscle and i dont think it is.

duin 2x cardio a day and at the moment am taking the last of the eas thermodynamx i have.. 10 days left i think, then i have bought 2 bottles of 5x hot rox for the last 4 and a half weeks.

weight at gym tonight is 78.6 would like to get to 70kgs or under for Nats

will post more pics possibly this sat. which would have been 2 weeks

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Good luck with your final 5 weeks of prep, Big_J. I saw you briefly at the Sonny Schmidt Classic (I was the stage marshal), and you certainly have a lot of potential - especially at such a young age.

Maybe it's genetics, but it seems your parents have been feeding you and your big bro (2guns) the right stuff! :)

Keep up the good work - see you at Nationals!

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Ok, 4 weeks until nationals now and i hope im looking better then my last set of photos.. i certainly feel like i do

down to 77.3 kgs now.. havent lost much over the last week although diet and cardio hasnt exactly been perfect, having said that its been pretty solid and now its going to be perfect with 2 weeks of school holidays





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Well done, Jack! Looking very good indeed.

Sorry I missed taking photos of your class - I was running late (again). One of these days I hope to turn up at a show in time to see the teenage men compete, but you might have outgrown the class before that happens... :pfft:

Good luck for tonight's show.

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