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Have I improved? Before After pics


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Eat, eat & then eat some more - don't worry about fat percentage - no point worrying about low fat % if there ain't any muscle under it.

You need to work on your delts & lats - go heavy.... and eat lots.

I pressure that you're not working your legs (lack of wheel shot gives it away).

Post up your routine in a journal and you'll get some good advice, tips & tricks from the more experienced members here.

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As Cammo says, you've got to eat to grow. Eat relatively clean foods though... no point in pigging out on crap - that only makes more work for yourself when you have to lose the fat later. Have a look at this topic - PnW explains the basics of diet very well.

Delts and lats are excellent muscles to concentrate on. Building these creates a V-shaped torso, which gives the illusion of more size than you really have. Don't forget all the other muscles too, of course!

Finally, don't be discouraged if you don't see much difference in the before/after shots at this stage. Six weeks is probably not enough to see much progress, especially if you're still learning the ropes on diet and exercise. Realistically, I think 12-week intervals would be better.

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Hay thanks for the advice guys one other question, when im lifting i can lift to failure and be absolutely exhausted by the end of my workout and hurt like hell. But when i wake up the next morning I feel fine but am to scared to go workout again cause of all this overtraining talk, I am young just turned 17 so could it be i recover alot faster than an adult?

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Got this from Big J

Chest - Biceps : bench press x 3 sets

dumbell press x 3 sets (inclined) or bench

dumbell press x 3 sets

seated bicep curls x 3 sets

hammer curls x 3 sets

concentration curls x 3 sets

Back - Triceps : bb bent over rows x 3 sets

widegrip pull ups x 3 sets

overhead extensions with dumbell x 3 sets

dips x 3 sets

close grip bench press x 3 sets

Shoulders : shoulder press < with dumbells or barbell > seated x 3 sets

dumbell raises to the front of you.. like holding dumbells in your hands extending them upwards to be in line with your shoulder.. 3 sets also the same but to the side of you 3 sets

shrugs x 3 sets

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sorry i don't know your background. but how old are you and how long have you been training? to get ot the over training thing you really need to have an experienced trainer to monitor or for you to have experience on what over training is. Looking at the pics i honestly didn't notice any real change. but remember size takes time. Don't just focus on the protein at a smaller phase the body needs energy (carbs and fat) too. signs of overtainring are injury, joint soreness and general fatigue. if you are waking up the next day and you feel like you can do it again i would say that you didn't train to failure. (just my opinion) but it is good to see you want to gain in size and look forward to seeing photos in a years time. a year is a good time frame to monitor progress. so i wouldn't look at a before and after until than, as you may get discouraged

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Overtraining is a myth.

It should be called "Under eating & not enough rest".

You can train as much as you like so long as you are getting the balance of rest & food to go along with it - the guys that get sick are the ones that train like competitors, party like rockstars & eat like that Olsen twin.

You can only get away with that sort of lifestyle for so long.

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200gms of protein a day.........with that physique,........holy crap!!!!!

You don't give your body weight, but 200gms of protein a day is appropriate for someone with some serious muscle mass in the 100kg+ zone.

Cut back before you do your liver some serious damage. 1gm/kg of body mass is more than adequate for your first 3-5 months until you start developing some perceptible mass.

I bet your training regime involves every excercise ever publishes for 5 or more sets every day, or something just as extreme.

I'm not a particular proponent of DC training (Doggcrapp if you want to do a google search), but I'd say if you just use 3 straight sets (not rest -pause or drop sets) per muscle group following the DC programme & excercise selection, you'll probably make some noticable gains in the next 16-20 weeks or so.

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good on you for chucking up your pics . you want to get big then just eat shit loads, as much as you can all the time, try and keep it clean, lift heavy and stick to the basic compound movements. forget about using machines or cable assisted stuff. stick to the squat rack, bench press barbell rows, chins etc.

that's my 2 cents worth.

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