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I've been a long time watcher of the forums but have finally got around to signing up. Thought I'd might as well so hopefully I can give my 2 cents where appropriate.

I've been training hard over the winter in preparation for the upcoming cricket season, however I guess I "caught the bug" and climbed into the weights big time.

Current stats are:


95 kg

14 % BF

Ideally I'd like to hit 10 % in the next few months without losing too much weight. I'd also like to keep up the good progress I've been making with all lifts.

See you all around,


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Hey Simon. I don't know much about cricket, but I'd have thought the less weight you have to lug around the better? Or am I quite wrong, and strength is a bigger factor than I imagined? What kind of pre-season training were you doing?

I can understand catching the weight-lifting/bodybuilding bug though... It's undeniably addictive. :grin:

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Hey, thanks for the replies.

You are "semi-correct", although as an opening bowler I need to make sure my core, back and shoulders are strong to prevent injury. Chest drive is important for pace so that too has been getting a big working over!

You are right it is bloody addictive though! I've been working on a three month bulking phase and have now progressed midway through a rip down condtioning program, which includes what I would call "functional muscle". This has been the hardest training of the lot and includes plenty of weighted chins, single arm press ups etc.

The weightlifting program was a lot of fun and used monthly change ups to encourage maximum growth. Stuff like 5x5 combined with GVT, then a 6x6 etc.

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