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Is Training Really Nessasary?

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I started back training about 6 weeks ago with a little gear as well and have been making pretty good gains, then last night I spoke to an old friend on the phone, this guy used to train about once a month when I knew him and held about 90-95kg at around 10-12% fat using about 100mg of test a week and a little gh. I knew that he had alot of time on his hands lately (about the last 6 weeks) so I asked how his training was going and he told me that he was'nt training but was up to about 105 at 10-12% fat because he had increased his doses a bit and thrown in some HCG and deca. much better gains than my hard earned lower dose ones. Is it possible that this whole training thing is just a waste of time? a myth? or at best something only usefull for natural athletes and shot putters?

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Seriously is there anyone else out there who has made good gains without training?

actully i was on a site the other day, didnt really get it fully but there was a small article on guys who juiced up hard and i mean lots of shit!!! and didnt train or did f..k all and gained well

cnat remember the site ill try find it, but had article about mark dugdale titled: JUICING FOR JESUS :pfft:

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Maybe not but he has a much better body than most bodybuilders I know so instead of ridiculeing this kind of gear use maybe we should be trying to learn something from it.

Shucks...you must not know very many 'bodybuilders' or the bodybuilders that you do know must just call themselves that....

U shud post up some pics of this guy...or drawings if that's easier, seeing as he's an imaginary figure in your head.

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