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erotica expo


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2guns you must of went a?

wat the f..ks that suppose to mean?? :pfft:

but no, unfortunatly i didnt go (there is still 2 hours left!) best i stay away from those kind of events otherwise in couple of months u might c me in a 'movie' hahaha :pfft:

anyone who did make it id be keen to hear wat kind of kinky shit went down, so post away!!

and marcus id be suprised if they allow cameras in there

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I went won some tickets off the radio, it wasnt really that kinky, was more of a lifestyle expo, there were free coffee samples and popcorn. Lots of free condoms, but apart from that it was just dildos, vibrators and porn dvds as far as the eye could see. There was a room set up by the whitehouse strip club 20 bucks to go in and perve. There were promo chicks walking around in skimpy skirts, but thats about it I thought it was actually pretty tame. The Ferrari stand was awesome 2 brand new 2008 ferraris.

Overall 6.5/10 for something to do to fill in a saturday night.

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