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I did used to use straps for deadlifting, but I just bought chalk and went over/under - honestly it gives you almost as much as straps does, and will increase your grip stength a lot more in the long run.

I don't see why you'd need them for Pull-Ups.

I still use mine for Power Shrugs though.

I bought mine from a local gym.

And I bought my chalk (rock climbing chalk, which is just the same stuff) from the local outdoor centre.

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yes straps are very good imo.

can add alot to your lifts.

and as long as u dont use them all the time just for your last couple of sets on each exercise ( the heavy ones ) then u dont need to worry bout grip strength

example: for me when i do bent over bb rows

100kg x 15 (no straps)

120kg x 12 (no straps)

140kg x 10 (straps)

160kg x 6 (straps)

just an example can be used for your other lifts too

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Yo MZ, I'll definitely try out chalk but for now I think straps will do! :grin:

As 2guns says I would only use straps for my last few sets when I'm going heavier, for DB pull-overs too? I do 4-5 sets of wide-grip pullups and find that I hang by my fingers during the last few reps :pfft: so this would be a set where I would use the straps.

can add alot to your lifts.

Yea bro I find BB rows especially hard to grip as I go heavier.... not as heavy as you ofcourse :lol:

but I use hooks instead of straps

hooks? I wana be able to drop the weight too :pfft:

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