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TC's Post Comp Battle

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Alrighty - its bout day 3 of my new programme and im sore as a mofo, but man its a good feeling (must look like a retard trying to tie my hair up tho).

Current Stats

Weight - A whopping 66kg

Height - 5'6"

Body Fat - Not too sure at the moment, will get tested tonight, i reckon bout 20+%


Weight - 60kg (by end of November, beginning of summer)

Body Fat - between 12-15%


Meal 1 - 1/3c Oats, 2 egg whites 1 scoop protein, 2tbs of sultanas

Meal 2 - protein shake

Meal 3 - 300g broc/cauli, 185g chicken or tuna (flavoured lite), 100g kumera

Meal 4 - 2 x rice wafers w small can tuna or cottage cheese & marmite

Meal 5 - 200g broc & 150g chicken/meat

Water intake - 3L a day

Supplements - none at the moment


Monday - Legs + 30mins cardio

Tues - Back + 30mins cardio

Weds - 1hr cardio

Thu - Legs + 30mins cardio

Fri - Arms + 30mins cardio

Sat - 1hr cardio + leg circuit (arvo)

Sun - Rest

At the moment can only train once a day (morn) as i dont know what time i will finish work. If i do finish earlier than 7pm tho i will go do about 1hr cardio.

All cardio at this stage is fat burning 130-140bpm.

Am going to have 1 treat meal a week also. :pfft:

So here we go again, only this time i think its going to be harder than training for comp, just because with comp there was no room for laziness, or lack of motivation, this is just for me. so just gotta get in the right frame of mind. not get lazy and do it! :phear:

Feel free to comment on any of the above, giving tips or ideas on nutrition/training. that'd be awesome.

Il start posting my weights/training in more detail next week as have lost so much strength its embarrassing. :(

Till the next one...

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Weight - A whopping 66kg

rolleyes.gif Hardly 'whopping' !

If your diet's on song, you don't need to beat yourself up with cardio everyday smile.gif

Great to see the new journal up!

yeah i think the thing i find the hardest is looking in the mirror and seeing this blobby thing staring back at me. hence the whopping comment. its horrible to look back and think how awesome i looked and why the hell cant i always look like that. dammit! so sad

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