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Pharmasport ThermoXS


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Hey guys,

Just thought I would share a new product I have tried (last night) before my train and the results.


Pharmasport ThermoXS Metabolic Optimiser (fat burner)

Each 3 capsules (one serve contains)

L-Tyosine 500mg

Citrus Aurantium

(standardised to 10% Synephrine) 400mg

White willow Bark

(standardized 4:1) 800mg

Caffeine (U.S.P) 200mg

Green Tea Extract

(standardised 50% polyphenols catechins) 85mg


(standardised to 6%) 100mg

Cayenne Pepper Extract 85mg

Ground Ginger Root 85mg

Rather than the suggested 3 caps I took 2 and a bottle of 'V' The results were great, I added more reps to each set I did, had endless energy and had no problems sleeping whatsoever (I train at 6pm) With a product like this you need to keep water intake up as you dehydrate easily but overall a recommended product.

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hey bro, hows things?

dnt mean to be negative, but i very much doubt u would notice this particular supplement when u are tkaing wat u say u are in your journal... just a thought.

Yea, gave me a pretty mean buzz for the train but just added to the pump from my cycle

wheres those pictures? :lol:

Ah touché, will have to get some posted soon!

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