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when i was a kid.


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Hey bud, those legs of yours look huge and still and your calves just as cut as always.

Back looking good you must have been nailing it lately. When I come down to visit you after the INBA show we'll do some back hey.

Good on you for posting some pics

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Great stuff! Those quads are monsters, as everyone else has said.

Keep working on those lats and getting that nice wide V-taper up top. You've got a good lower back though - is that from deadlifts?

Other than that, you've got good symmetry, nice proportions on the arms and shoulders, and a good peak on the bicep. Keep it up. :)

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hey guys, thanks for all the positive comments.

Just been keeping it pretty basic as far as training goes, and eating heaps of quality protein and carbs.

Had the tattoos for ages, pretty faded so dream tan pretty much covers them right up.

As for the legs, just tons of squats, heaps of sets, 10 - 15 a workout, heavy.

have added a bit of thickness and size to my back, chest and shoulders in the last couple of months which has balanced out my physique a little better.

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Definately great set of wheels there, interesting to note how strong your lower back is too....sure sign of good squatting technique.

might have to get together for for one of those squat sessions one day, fifteen sets sounds like a fun day at the office :twisted:

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