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Les Mills Hamilton


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I was a member for 12 months and really liked the gym. Although some of the people aren't very friendly, unless you have friends that go there, you're basically a loner :lol: Other than that, the classes are good, especially Body Pump, love it!

Anyone else at Les Mills Hams?

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Their equipment is really good actually, I'm not sure about the weights side of things as I tend to stick to the classes and cardio machines like the cross-trainers, treadmills and bikes. Those are cool with the little t.v's on them, keeps your mind busy, I get a bit bored doing 30mins of cardio, staring into space. :lol: It's probably the most expensive gym in Hamilton, but you get your money's worth. :grin:

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me and a mate came to auckland for the weekend and did a workout at les mills and to tell you the truth didnt think much of it and it cost 25$ for a casule which i thought was dear considering hamilton les mills is 15$ and has better gear one plus was we saw that moe guy gee hes a big boy.

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Some of the gear is getting a bit tatty and should be returned to Noah.

However, we had a hell of a lot of new stuff come in Jan this year - great new Life Fitness ergonomic equipment that is a smooth as ice, and a awesome 'jungle gym' cable area.

The main gym free weights area is a bit nasty for space, & we are getting new barbells in the new year - WOOP WOOP to that.

Downstairs in the power gym is where to find great Hammerstrength machines - my personal fav.

this time of year the gym is getting damn hot - 27 degrees at 11.30 yesterday. In jan/feb it will be worse.

the power studio doesnt see the sun so is the best place to train.

As far as friendliness - I think were all in the same boat. Someone has to have the guts to say Hello first, and if you manage that, you will find we are all the same.....there to improve ourselves!!

The chicks area is horrible - the equipment has to be from the 1800's. If I owned the gym I would be so embarrased Id be doing something about it. The climate is always cool though - not too sure if that is from the position of the gym or the cold atmosphere of the members (sorry ladies - but upstairs is soooooo much better!).

Sheta - PT at Les Mills Hamilton!

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