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Protein is the fundamental building block for muscle

Good source’s of protein are…eggs, fish, lean red meat, Diary products, nuts, chicken….

Without enough protein in your diet all your hard work and training at the gym is a waist of time..you cannot build muscle if you are not having a sufficient amount of it


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General concensus is that it's better to have more protein than necessary as opposed to having less than necessary. Everyone is different though and each person responds differently to carbs/fats/protein it is up to you to find what works/makes you feel best, everything you read should only be guidelines. Quality is the main thing and if you are having digestive issues from trying to eat to much you should cut back. Bodybuilding oughtta be about looking good and feeling good and if your constipated thats unlikely.

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I would recommend even more if you are trying to build muscle and are weight training hard and often.

The best way to find out how much works for you is trial and error.

Everyone has a different amount of lean muscle and body fat, different activity levels etc.

I found out how much I needed by using callipers and testing myself - I ate over 200g per day and put on 2kg of muscle and lost 2kg of fat in 2 weeks.

I now stick around 180g.

Keep your fat and carbs the same and experiment with your protein intake for a while and see what changes in your body fat and muscle composition.

Works for a lot of my clients anyway.

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