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Fat piece of shit


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Well after a year of being flat out at work being lazy and choosing to eat shit and most recintly my sister telling me to go and buy a bra i realise i need to get back into it


31 yo


5ft10/11 give or take

The last few weeks has just been about getting myself into the gym 5 days a week.I know how to train properly as i used to be a gym goer this time 18mnths ago i was around 95kg and size 32 jeans jeans are now 38.At the moment ive just been doing the 5 day split im sure you know

Mon ches

Tue back etc

Im pushing ok weight but not what i should be

Bench max is 120

I wont bore you with all the numbers but im training at around 70% of what i used to and the rest periods between sets are way to long as i seem to have lost a lot of focus but that is starting to come back.Everything 1 step at a time.The diet is a mess at the moment and chardio will start next week 20min on the rower 20 min steep inc on treadmill at steady pace after weights.Will throw in some createine and protein next week as well.Going overseas to meet future inlaws in ireland in dec.The want and disire is defintly comming back.My goal is to defintly get the fat off but would allso like to be keeping some good muscle bulk with it.Im not a soccer player.I used to be able to do this without thinking just has been so long ive gotten a little lost and lost a bit of confidence in my abiltys allso.I realise any goal takes hard work dedication and disciplin its just im a little unsure on how to best use the eagerness to get back in shape.Any thoughts comments or ideas welcome and appreciated i have no problem putting in work just want to put in good work

Thankyou for taking the time to read


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Right my 2cents.


First thing above all else. SOUND NUTRITION PLAN. Get that on lock down before any thing else.


Eat every 2.5-3hrs Healthy food choices. Lean meats, clean carbs, fats etc. NO sugar.NO snacks. NO alcohol.

Oats for breakfast is a must, dump x1-2 scoops protein powder in there.

Mid morning eat, lunch, mid afternoon, afternoon, pre w/o shake, Pw/o meal, before bed have a shake etc etc.


Get into the habit of prepping meals so theres NO B/S excuses. Once you got that shit tight.


Time to throw some tin around!.....You know the rest.


Cardio x3 per wk 20-30min go for a brisk walk or jog, HITT if you prefer doesn't have to be balls to the wall shit just make it part of you weekly shit to do.



Flaxseed oil or MCT oil, Fish oil, Whey Protein powder maybe a BCCA powder for intra workout. I buy 10kg Chicken breast when its on special keep stocked up on that or good ol rump steak, Kumara or rice easy pezy!


Bring dem gains!!



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Cheers mate thanks for taking the time to give me some pointers and the diet thing is where im most lost and where i have the least willpower.Im going to do a bit of a shop tomorow and start getting back into the meal prep i still have loads of containsrs lying around and i know ecactly what you mean about the piss weak bullshit excuses.if i want this bad enough ill be prepping for the next day not sitting watching TV

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yeah bro kiwi said it rite!f*ck i know its easy to have no willpower,but you can become who ever you want to be,hahah i wanna be batman lol nah but yeah stay motavated bro and when you see your gains that makes you fight for it harder.Just eating clean food makes you feel and look better and training is second bro.I remember when i was a little kid lol and mum said you are what you eat and i said im not a fucken piece of broccoli mum lol.its true though coz i ate pizza for a year and trained hard everday and i started looking like a greasy fatty cheesey motherfukn pizza lol.You can do it bro.

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It's like riding a bike mate, you never forget! 

Sounds like you've got the right attitude and mind set to get it done. It'll be second nature again in no time. It's that first step that's the hardest, we've all had set backs at some point.

Props to @kiwicannon for a good post and keeping it simple.

Good luck with your goals.

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Start fighting its the best way to lose weight,get a bag and smash it!but get to the docs and get your blood preasure checked and all the other things the doc needs to do,just to be safe bro,we dont want fatgig to be deadgig from a heart attack lol i would feel bad,good on you know bro i respect those that put in the work,gotta be a soldier,chur.

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