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Getting over winter cold fast???


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I had a cold for about a week earlier. I was getting it again but I took some Colodial Silver stuff and it worked - placebo or not. I'm not a hundred on whether it works if you already have a cold, but I think it's just an imune booster. Worth a looksie.

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I've used a product called pro-olive not sure what the brad is but is a common one in a white plastic bottle. My wife said to take them when you feel a cold comming on........of course I though yeah right just some s..t but hell it works. Need to take two from memory on about twice one day. It has worked a couple of times for me.

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training through flu/cold will only drag it out longer

ill let u know!!

got the flu on thursday, its sunday now and its quite bad.

im gonna train and eat etc like i normally do so will let u know how long it takes to clear up.

(im also having about 8000mg day of vit c while i get rid of cold)

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i have the fucken flu!!!! just keep training and eating, it doesnt stay round for eva


i take garlic and 1000 clicks of vitamin c every day

have not had a cold in the last 5 years.

Might not have anything to do with the garlic or vitamin c.

might just be because i'm really tough...;)

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