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Advice on eating plan

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I'm just starting the gym and am looking for some advice from seasoned gym goers in regards to an eating plan.


I'm 5ft7, 80kgs and will be focusing on muscle building and muscle definition, rather than just being big, I want to be cut as well.


I welcome all and any help as I am new to this. I'm based in Auckland and will be attending City Fitness on Queen St so am also keen on a gym buddy to help me reach my goals.




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Hey Riaan, welcome to Gymnation!


The easiest way to build an eating plan is to make progressive changes from what you currently eat.


Can you give us an idea of a typical day's food intake for you? Download the MyFitnessPal app, and enter your food in that, and tell us what totals you get for protein, carbs and fat.


I'm hoping to get a series of beginner's diet articles up here soon too - so you can be our guinea pig and see if they make sense! :-) 

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Thanks for your reply and I'd be keen to be your guinea pig for some diet articles and see how we go.


My planned food intake for today looks like this:

Protein - 62g

Carbs - 183g

Fats - 41g


Once I start going to the gym, I will taking protein shakes to get extra protein in my diet as well.

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WTF??? 62g total protein consumption for the day???


FFS even a guinea pig needs more then that pal lol


Try 1g per pound b/w daily as a starting point RiDubNZ and you need to outlay what your actually ingesting on a daily basis for advices.

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