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maccaz 2018 prep log

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slack on the updates, been training. got a diagnosis on my years old back injury and the nerve issues ive been having down my leg, doesn't really help much except now i know


running smolov jr bench again

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will start recording my stuff again as i've got a pretty solid plan to rehab my issues.


 for some background, i've had a few bad back injuries over the years while powerlifting, and was getting increasing nerve issues in my legs, pain, sciatica, weakness, etc. I had a CT which said "protruding l4-l5 causing severe spinal stenosis" and mri said:


l3-4 bulge (minor)

l4-l5 bulge (bad)

l5-s1 bulge (bad)

+ a congenital venous defect around l5-s1 which prob contributes but who knows


sounds worse than it feels though, its more an inconvenience. Doesnt need surgery, just needs a proper plan to strengthen the area and hopefully improve things. I've seen a physio and have a good plan and will start tracking it here.


last week my bench sessions topped out at 107x5 for 10 triples


today i did 100 7x5 + a lot of arms

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havent been posting, still following the rehab program its going well




bench 100 2x8, 110 2x6

incline db 32.5 4x12

machine row 4x12

1 arm pd 4x12 each side

cable pullovers 4x10

lots of arms

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