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I bought the fat burners today


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ordered Thermo DynamX two bottles today.

I had one this morning at 10am, and another one at 2pm, just before workout. No special feelings, everything was just normal.

Did one hours bike at Level 7; 40 min stair climb at Level 4; and a bit swissball crunches.

Looking forward to see some difference using the fat burner. Ive tried Slimfast triple action , no result at all.

What kind of result shall i expect?

PS, i just cant run on the trademill!!! Thats the NO.1 fat burner, i know i know. but i just cant do it! Im lazy or say scared, i dont know why. Id rather do stairs for an hour than run for 10 min. I just love the stepper, will it make my leg bulky? I just want to loss weight, not to gain larger muscles. I love the bike as well, since it doesnt require to keep balance, and i can just close my eyes concentrate on my awesome workout songs.

Could anyone advice me ??? I am really worried as im gaining too much weight. Help!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions of dosage of Thermo DynamX ???

Thx in advance :nod: :nod: :nod:

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You should have spent that money on a decent diet/nutrition plan. You'd get far better results from that.

You are already relying on your fatburner. It's like sticking a bandaid on a massive gash. It's not going to stop the bleeding.

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Put the fatburners away in your drawer and don't touch them for 2 months.

Fatburners are for use when you want to lose that last 3% of fat.

In your case it'd be like throwing a bucket of water on a house fire.

So listen to us and DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Post up a daily diet for us.

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Im taking two a day before workout.

I do weights everyday, ive been doing weights for two months. Just found out it is not good to do it everyday. I was thinking as long as im doing something, im burning calories , so i keep doing it. Ive found my calves are stronger and bulky. anything to do with my workout?

if i do weights everyday, am i burning more fat ? will this help weight loss?

PS, 60min bike level 7 , 26.5km

40min stepper level 4 , 91 floors

30min bike level 6-7 cool down, about 11km

Plus some weights and swissball crunches, swissball rollout, knee tucks

Plz any advice or comments on the intensity of my workout, im really worried about this!!! help!

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