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Kat's Journal


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Hi all,

I am going to start posting my random thoughts and ramblings here.

I introduced myself on the Introduction thread so there's details there of who I am so I won't repeat myself.

Ok, so Monday's always a good day to start a new fresh thing (many Mondays I have started new eating or training plans, some have lasted some haven't) so I figure tomorrow will be one of those new fresh start days.

I'm doing 30 mins endurance weights then 30 mins boxing in the morning, then a weights session at night, ummm think it's Quads.

My stats -

Weight - 59.5kg

Body fat - Hmmm, dunno but I reckon about 20% at the mo. Goal is 15% but not too worried as over winter I'll have a heavy weights focus.

Goals - Increase strength and muscle size, drop some body fat, work hard on my legs cos they are really stubborn, increase flexibility and improve posture.

Supps - BCAA's, L-Glutamine, Protein powder, Thermos, HMB, Multi

Eating plan for tomorrow -

Meal 1 - 1/4 cup oats, protein powder

2 - Chicken and vege soup

3 - Chicken egg whites and salad

4 - Kumara or brown rice and tuna

5 - Protein shake and piece of fruit

6 - Calamari salad

My aim is to train like an animal and really push myself out of my comfort zone!

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Thought I'd better set some performance goals

12 week goals -

Weights -

Leg Press - Currently 140kg, goal is 180kg (dependent on my lower back and knees as they tend to get a bit grumpy when I go heavier)

Squat - From 45kg - 65kg

Bench Press - From 35kg to 50kg

Deadlift - From 40kg to 55kg

Other goals -

Run 2.4km in 12 mins (currently 13 mins 40)

Press ups - Increase from 30 to 50

Chin ups - 10 with no assistance from spotter

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Thanks guys...

Being sick tooooootally sux, I'm SO itching to train again!

Don't even feel like my normal good food, I'm forcing down protein shakes cos I'm worried about losing muscle but just have zero appetite. My friend said to me 'Oh well, not eating might be a good way to lose weight' Yeah right!

Can't wait to be back on track again!

Am spending my time perusing everyone else's training highs on this website until I'm well enough to go hard again!

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Oops, posted under Fergie's name cos I was on his computer :oops:

He he..

Anyway, I'm training with my PT tomorrow - weights and boxing, haven't trained for 5 days! Really feeling it! Haaaaate going that long without training I feel weaker already :(

So I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Just have to make sure I get a good night's sleep so I can go hard. My last time training with my current PT cos he's leaving so I have to find someone else hmm.. You start to get a good bond happening and they know your strengths and weaknesses, will be weird having someone else.. Oh well.

Have been eating pretty well if not that much, just things like soup and shakes. Looking forward to being back on track

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Training hasn't been as good as I'd hoped lately. Have been in the Gold Coast for 4 days and although we did some training, it just wasn't the same. Especially staying in a hotel with no kitchen.. But did our best. The hotel gym didn't have much - no squat rack or barbells etc. So did a bit of cardio and some weights. But tomorrow is a fresh start and I am rearing to go!

Need to find a new Personal Trainer as mine has now left so I hope I can find someone just as good.

Right, off to have a shake

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  • 2 weeks later...

Have been a bit MIA lately, just busy busy all good.

Training is going well. Last week did 4 cardio's in the morning and weights 5 nights, so only 9 workouts in the week, I want to pick it back up to at least 13.

Have been training with Fergie heavy and low reps, will change it to a higher rep program in about 4 weeks.

Food has been a lot better, am trying to have an alcohol free month and am mainly eating lots of chicken breast, egg whites and vege soup at the moment.

Have my client's first comp on Aug 18 so am looking forward to that, we are going through his compulsary poses and routine heaps and it's starting to really come together.

The gym is busy, am encouraging all my clients to start thinking about what shape they want to be in summer, seeing we are more than half way through winter now.

Hope you're all training hard and eating well!

'Excellence always endures...It remains long after cost is forgotten'


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Yeah I think once you pass the half way through winter point people start freaking out thinking about summer. I had a lady come and see me yesterday who has put on 20kg since she stopped training with me last summer. It's such a bummer, she could have been at her goal weight by this summer if she'd just kept it up. Back to the drawing board for her!

I am thinking of running some 'Downsize me' 8 week challenges at the gym.

I did a 12 week challenge with my clients last winter with a $50 entry fee and a $1000 prize, it was a lot of fun and most people got into really great shape by the end of it.

Yesterday's training was a big long power walk outside since it was sunny, then trained weights at night. Food is on track, had some wicked sugar craving last night, stood at the fridge and looked at some cake and said 'Nup, I'm SO not running that off" and closed the door. Yay, I didn't succumb. Felt better running today knowing I was running off body fat, not some sugar that was like a 1 minute pleasure, never worth it for me.

Starting with a new trainer on Monday, a friend of mine. I've never had a female trainer before so it'll be interesting. She trains herself pretty hard which is always a good sign.

Training Quads tonight, only the hard core seem to be in the gym on a Friday night so it's always quite a good buzz in there.

Have a cool weekend everyone!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi all,

Training is going really well at the mo. Still need to do more cardio, but I'll get there. Am thinking of doing the Auckland 1/2 marathon in October so that's some incentive to do more running. Can't wait til it gets lighter at night though.

Weights are going really great, I'm loving it! Feeling really motivated, a big reason is because I think I am the strongest I've ever been, definately stronger than when I did the body comp, so that is a good feeling. Sometimes I pick up weights that I used to really struggle with and they feel easy! Great feeling, so I'm just keeping trying to do bigger ones and challenge the bod.

My client doing the Sonny Schmidt comp Aug 18 is looking good and cutting up nicely, and helping with the posing and routine is fun.

Fergie is looking good too and training hard. He just bought a spa so that'll be a nice reward after a hard training session.

All is well.

Business is really picking up, I'm training a lot of clients for their summer goals and also for the 1/2 or 1/4 marathon. Doing at least 30 hours one on one with clients at the moment, plus running a girls group kick boxing class and the 'Look better Naked' small group session training 3x a week.

Next week's training plan is -

Mon - Cardio am, Quads pm

Tues - Chest tris and core am, Back noon, cardio pm

Wed - Run then yoga am, Hams and abs pm

Thurs - Cardio am, Shoulders and calves pm, Night walk late pm

Fri - Cardio am, Quads pm

Sat - Outdoor run

Sun - Day off, or if have missed any sessions during the week, run then body balance or yoga

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Oh yeah, forgot to include chest, oops. Have amended my post to include.

Training is ok. Today I have a massive weird stitch pain in my stomach when I breathe deeply so I couldn't train, very frustrating..

Fergie is away so weights alone is a bit different, must have gotten used to having someone there to spot me and keep me honest!

Struggling a bit with wine consumption at the moment too... Grrr..

Really looking forward to the Sonny Schmidt comp on Saturday, always sooo inspiring to see people with such great physiques and see the results of so much hard work and pain. And will be great to see my client on stage after seeing him train so hard for it. Can't wait!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thought I'd better do a bit of a training update.

I'm going to be picking up my training a bit now so I'm looking forward to going hard!

I really struggle with morning workouts but I'm gonna give it a go. All things worthwhile have a price to pay.

Trained bi's and tri's today for nearly an hour and a half - fantastic! Great burn! Don't normally train on Sundays but it's getting close to Fergie's comp now so no more rest days for him and I want to get in as much training as poss too.

Need to pick up the cardio :( Not my favourite thing but must be done.

I'm thinking about doing the Nabba comp in 9 weeks but I really need to drop quite a bit of body fat before then so I'll just see how i look closer to the time.

I'm eating pretty clean, took egg whites and chicken to a function on the weekend that involved lots of sitting around with lots of my favourite foods in front of me and didn't waiver once, it felt very empowering. Need to drop carbs and fat quite a bit which doesn't bother me but involves being very organised every day.

Anyway, best get sorted for the week


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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, I have decide to do the comp, although I'm a bit :shock: :shock: :shock: about it, because I have left it pretty late to cut down - only 6.5 weeks now but am gonna give it a go!

I'm now training 3x a day - cardio am. and lunchtime and weights in the evening. So far so good.

I've cut my carbs right back but will have a bit extra on legs days or when my energy hits the wall, I've learned to read my body when to drop down and when to increase now so that's all good.

Not sure whether to do figure or shape, will just see how I look. Definately have a lot of hard work ahead to shift the body fat.

So, strict dieting and hard core training for me. Bring it on!

Training today - Hams - 1 hour lunchtime

Cardio - Run today - 45 mins

Cardio tonight - Elliptical, bike and rower - 45 mins

Food -

Meal 1 - 1/4 cup oats, 2 scoops protein, 1 tsp flaxseed oil

2 - Egg white omlette with spinach/mushrooms

3 - 1/4 cup oats, 2 scoops protein - pre training

4 - Egg white omlette with salad

5 - Chicken and green vege soup

6 - ummm maybe fish and salad

Very focused and in the zone!

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Hey kat. Great to hear you've decided to do the comp! I'm doing the same comp - my first one - it's all so new!! I'm not sure about Shape or Figure either - I guess like you, I'll decide closer to the day.

Damn, that's a lot of cardio - I'm not a big fan either - so boring!!

What sort of body fat % will you be looking at by the time the comp comes along, and how far do you think you have to go in the 6ish weeks?

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  • 4 months later...


Sorry I haven't been on this for so long!

Just thought I better post a quick update, the training was awesome and I went hard and entered the shape class and came 3rd. I was stoked to even place considering it was a last minute decision. Fergie competed too and came 2nd. He looked totally amazing I was sooo proud of him! My client Richard came 3rd, it was an AWESOME day - lots of celebrations and we were all really stoked!

I'm not sure when I'll compete next but still training hard and really busy training some clients up for comps this year which is a lot of fun.

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  • 1 year later...

Stumbled across my workout journal the other day so just wanted to share my progress report and newsy stuff.

I have increased my strength quite a bit since I last wrote - although always lots of room for improvement!

Was cool to read back my last journal and see some goals I managed to conquer, great feeling :-)

Weights -

Leg Press - 240kg

Squat - 80kg

Bench Press - 45kg

Deadlift - 65kg

Other goals -

Run 2.4km in 12 mins - DONE!

Press ups - Increase from 30 to 50 - DONE! (20 full 1 arm press ups next goal)

Chin ups - 10 with no assistance from spotter - Kind of got there, but haven't kept it up - will keep working on it!

I competed 2x last year - Thames Classic and Nabba North Harbour - both wicked shows. I placed 2nd in both and was stoked with that as I only trained properly for 8 weeks however I really kicked my own butt really hard in that time.

Have been training consistently since then, mainly focusing on running which I LOVE and still doing weights daily but need to do more yoga and stretching.

It's now my last week after 5 years as a Trainer at Les Mills New Lynn, I'm off on my O.E. Hope i find a wicked gym over there - I'm sure there are thousands of great ones, just want to find the right one for me.

Take care and hope keep in touch with you fab kiwi BB's


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