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Introducing.... Kat


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Hi Everyone,

My name's Kat, I'm 28 and train at work at Les Mills New Lynn.

Have visited this board a lot but only just got around to registering.. :roll:

My interest in training started with doing Aerobics competitions at school, (although before that I did weights at home as an 11 year old :roll: ) then doing lots of group fitness classes at Les Mills from 2001. A few years later realised how much I loved weight training as a good stress relief and hobby and loved seeing how my body got stronger and changed shape.

I did a few Body for life challenges etc. and I started working as a Gym Instructor in 2003 then started Personal Training in 2004.

I did my first competition last year, novice figure - Hamilton in Aug placing 2nd in my division and Pibba in Auckland in Sep placing 1st. Absolutely awesome buzz! Loved the journey and totally recommend it to anyone considering it.

This year I am training to put on muscle, try some new things like improve my flexibility, boxing do some yoga etc. and am hoping to compete again next year.

My focus now is on helping others compete and also really encouraging my clients to work hard towards their goals, dream big, get stronger and feel how good it is to put on muscle!

This year I have a client entering the Masters as a Novice on August 18 in Auckland and I'm training my boyfriend Fergie who is entering as a Novice in Tauranga on Sep 29.

My training regime is cardio in the morning either Elliptical, an outdoor run or boxing with my trainer and weights in the evening concentrating on 1-2 muscle groups each night.

Diet is pretty clean with lots of chicken breast, egg whites, brown rice, kumara, veges, porridge, protein powder - the usual stuff, but really have to limit my wine intake and going out for dinner so much to make some decent gains.

Really looking forward to sharing journey's, thoughts, ideas and encouragement with you all :D


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Hi thanks for the welcome!

Yeah, the official name is 'Body Trainer'. I prefer to call myself a Personal Trainer, because it's personal, but also I aim not to just train bodies but also help them with their lifestyle, their mental strength, get to know what motivates them, their lifestyle etc.

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Hello Kat! Glad to have a trainer here. I am sure you can help many here with some good advice. Don't worry about the wine. Many bodybuilders and athletes drink wine in moderation and it hasn't affected them. Many pro athletes in Italy, France, Spain etc. drink beer and wine daily and have no problem. Moderation is the key. Have fun with your diet!

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Poos (he he love the name) has been very interesting reading your posts

Mastertel - I do have a question actually - What are the current sections for the NZFBB for Novice men? Is it done on weight?

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What are the current sections for the NZFBB for Novice men? Is it done on weight?

Yes, Kat, all Novice (and Open) Men's classes are divided by weight. For novice there is a choice of Under 70kg, 70-80kg and Over 80kg categories.

There is also the new Men's Classic class introduced this year - qualification is by the following height/weight ratios and all competitors are combined into one class:

1. Up to and incl 170 cm: Max weight (kg)=height (cm) – 100 + 2

e.g. a competitor who is 170 cm in height may weigh a max of 72 kg

2. Up to and incl 178 cm: Max weight (kg) = height (cm) – 100 + 4

e.g. a competitor who is 178 cm in height may weigh a max of 82 kg

3. Over 178 cm: Max weight (kg) = height (cm) – 100 + 6

e.g. a competitor who is 184 cm in height may weigh a max of 90 kg

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