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Big Red's Journal (08)- 7 kgs 2 go - Motivation needed!


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This is my first Journal and I will keep this updated as I progress each day, or even if not every two - three days.

I really need the motivation to keep going guys and girls, and I would love any information you could provide me in terms of competitions coming up.

I wont put up any recent pictures as yet as I have a lot to work on but I will take them and keep it on my comp.

Wish me luck guys.

Details about myself:


Name: Sean Moraes

Current Weight: 137 kgs

BF %: 37 %

Height: 186 cm

Gym: New Lynn Les Mills

Time: 7-9 pm normally

Goals: become a pro body builder

I know its going to take time and I am willing to put in the hard yards.

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Miltary presses

Rotary shoulder machines

Barbell press

Dumbell lateral raises

Rear delts- machine


Machine- Tricep push up

Reverse grip cable push down

Shoulder shrugs-

I concentrated on doing 3 good sets, focusing on technique with medium to light weights

Focusing on developing my form

No cardio on Friday

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Focused very hard on back today, I can feel it today ( Sunday)

I started of with assisted chin ups, and shit they hurt lol, but next time i will try to use less weight. 3 sets of 12

Then did some deal lifts followed up by dumbell rows,

Then some cable pulls and single hand pulls

Then some pull downs and some other back machines at les mills

Finished up with some cardio

Loving it thus far :)

Keep me motivated guys:)

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Hey BigRed,

One of the main advantages of having a journal is tracking the weights so you can get a objective measure of your progress and use it to judge plateaus or the success of your program. It's also a good mental boost when you can look back and see how much stronger you've gotten.

Anyway I look forward to following your progress.

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Hi Sean,

It was great to get on here and see someone from my home gym.

It sounds like you're training really hard and congratulations on your awesome goal of competing!

I'm very passionate about body building and weight training and I'm currently training 2 guys from LM New Lynn for competitions.

I train every evening with my boyfriend on the ground floor, my pic is on the Personal Trainer profile board, if you see me in the gym, please come and say hi! It'd be great to meet you, or else flick me an email anytime.


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Hi guys,

Sorry about not much up much details as yet, I havent got around to using my small book at the gym fully simply because i am getting used to Lm and the tons of machines they have. So i will be using it properly next week and yes I will put that in from now on.

In terms of rotary machines, well i dont know how to explain it but its rotary machines for like lat pull downs, shoulder machines- just go into a lm gym and u will see them. Its really good machines.

Hi Kat, i added you on msn do you use it?

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Chest Work out

Bench Press- 60 kgs 12 reps, 100 kgs 10 reps, 120 10 reps

Incline barbell press- 60 kgs 10 reps, 100 kgs 2 sets of 8

Dumble incline- 10 kgs 2 sets of 12, 20 kgs 1 set of 10

Cable pull downs- 10 kgs pull downs

Bicep -

Dumbell curl - 10 kgs 3 sets of 10

Hammer curl- 15 kgs 3 sets of 10

Ezy bar - 15 kgs 3 sets of 12

Concentrating curl- 10 kgs 3 sets of 10

Just a quick run down

and 30 mins of cardio

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Squats - 100 kgs 2 sets of 12, 120 kgs 1 set of 10

Leg press - 40 kgs 10 reps, 80 kgs 10 reps, 160 kgs 10 reps

Leg curl

Leg Extension

Lying leg curl

seated calf press

cardio - 30 mins

Feeling awesome:) and so many hawt girls at les mills , good motivation lol

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Hey big guy, been a long time since Ive seen you and your mad sessions with Josh and Arthur.

I have defected to Syd now and currently working here.

How about more details on your diet.. remember the BB game is only 50% working out.. the rest is all in diet..

Good to see you have set some goals and are on track with it.

ps, if you have Josh and Arthurs email, can you please send it to me on PM ?



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I did back on sAturday,

Chin ups- 4 sets of 12- slowly reducing the weight assistance

Deadlifts - 60kgs (12 rps) 100kgs (10 rps) and 140 2 sets of 8

bent over rows- 60 kgs 3 sets of 12 (controlled)

lat pull downs, back of the head, front pull down

Cable rows

Cardio- 30 mins 10 incline 5.5 speed

Plea to all reading this, i need advice for food and stuff. I have had some help from fergie, but I really want to know what kind stuff i should be eating, receipes, links to good sites etc.

I am going to look at the food section of this forum as well :)

T y

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Varven, Hey man good to see ya doing well in aus. Yeah i am at les mils now, loving it there

Slowly getting my diet into gear, going to see a nutritionist soon.

Fergie: thanks for all the help thus far man. I am getting there:) I still really need to see a nutritionist

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Chest + Triceps today,

Chest- Bench press- 3 sets, 60kgs (10) 100kgs (10) 120 (6)*2sets

Incline - 3 Sets - 100 kgs ( 6) 70kgs (6) *2

I think i was just really tired from the workouts on my back, i just had no energy to push up.

Did some dumbell inclines, 20 kgs, dumbell flys, seated machine press

Cable pull in front, chest


Ezy Curl bar Bicep Curls- 12 kgs 3 sets of 10

Seated dumbells -15 kgs 3 sets of 10

Machine isolated single hand bicep curls- 4 sets of 10 1-3 plates

Hammer curls- 10 kgs 3 sets of 10

Concentrated curl- 9 kgs 3 sets of 10

Ended with 30 mins cardio, dam nice as girl beside me lol and guess what i do almost trip over walking out...stupid les mills steps lol

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Sean, nice lifting... looking at Diet, there seems to be protein not even enough to maintain half your bw, let alone to increase muscle mass for a Body builder !

I think that visit to a nutrionist is required asap .. or ask some of the guys on here.. they are pretty clued up with diet.

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