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Thanks for the Challenge


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Thanks Pseudo and co for organising the Challenge, I dont think I got a few things right but certainly motivated me to get to the gym and consequently my weights have gone up.

I hope we can kick into another soon as the dust clears...

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Well, after 5 months of hard work by our contestants, the NZBB Challenge 2007 is over. The winners are....



Congratulations to these two, and well done to the rest of our contestants. As people have been saying, there were noticeable improvements in all of you. Even as a spectator, it's been quite motivating seeing everyone's changes, so thankyou!

Now straight on to the important part - the loot!

To our two winners, you will be given $130 worth of Horleys supplements. It's your choice, so check out http://www.horleys.com/Products.aspx and start drooling over the possibilities.

For our other competitors, NZ Muscle are giving each of you an $80 voucher - and again, you can spend it on anything in their store. There's a huge range to choose from, so start looking now: http://www.nzmuscle.co.nz

All contestants need to PM me with your name and email address. I'll pass that on to the relevant sponsor, and give you their contact details in return.

Finally, thanks once again to our two competition sponsors Horleys and NZ Muscle for donating $500 worth of prizes. Competing for a prize adds a whole new level of intensity to the challenge. Feel free to show/tell these two wonderful companies how much you appreciate the support they give us (that goes for all you members, not just the ones getting freebies!)

Righto, I think that's it from me... Till next time! :grin:

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Yah! victory is mine.... eat that BM (now I shouldnt be a sore winner but you did say nasty things about my training :P )

Now that its all over I reckon da_yellow fella did awesome! ( just couldnt say earlyer because I wanted to win :pfft: )

And Andrew you did say you would forfit the prize.... Poos n Wees was second :wink: ....

Pseudonym: very professional job as always.

Horleys: Thanks in advance... Ill have to go check out your range now :D

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OMG soooo cool that we all get a prize 7ddf61e0.gif

Your correct there 2guns... now who should I give it to????

Rubbish Andrew pimpslap.gif Keep the prize for yourself. I'm sure there's something you'd want to buy further down the track! Congrats to you and Josh too.. well deserved :grin:

Thanks Horleys and NZ Muscle love.gif

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Pose: how do we know prices of the products?

I was afraid someone was going to ask an awkward question like this. It's no problem for the people ordering from NZ Muscle - obviously all the prices are on their website.

For Ohjoshua and Andrew, it's a little more tricky since the Horleys website doesn't have prices. When you guys send me your email addresses, I'll send you Horleys contact details back, and you'll be able to ask them yourself. Alternatively you could check out the RRP on the website of one of our other supporters: http://www.endorphinsystems.com/brands.asp?catid=39

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Well Pseudonym & poos_n_wees both make a very convening argument there … not to mention that 2guns stated he was going to keep a journal & post pic’s during his 6week prep for the Auckland show and he never did.

Thank’s NZBB, Horleys, NZ Muscle & all the other competitors…. everybody should feel proud of themselves for having the guts and commitment it takes to do something like this


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