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Lifting Misconceptions


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Off the top of my head:

- Gotta lift high reps to lose weight

- Leg extensions are for the cuts, squats are for bulking

- Muscles can be lengthened or elongated (a la pilates)

- You should always go to failure

- Full squats are bad for your knees

- Deadlifts make your hips bigger (told to me by a PT)

- Doing insane amounts of ab work will get you a washboard stomach :roll:

- Girls who lift heavy weights are butch

What are some you've come across ?

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-Spot reduction

-High reps = tone

-Creatine is a dangerous and addictive drug

-Soreness = growth

-4+ eggs a week? You've got a year max to live

-Lifting stunts your growth

-Bigger muscles make you inflexible and infunctional

-If you drink 5 or more litres of water a day you will drown.

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