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just want some opinions on wheather to take yr daily dose of t3 all togther or space the dosage throughout the day?

example: when u have worked yr way up to say 100mcg daily would u take the whole 100mcg in one swallow in the morning or take 4 separate 25mcg doses?

or does it not really matter with t3?

im into just taking the full dose for the day in one swallow but any experiences/ppl who know ther stuff would be appreciated.

thank you in advance

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If you are taking 100mcg per day and your tab is 100mcg then cut it 4 ways so it's in 1/4

50mcg then cut them in 1/2

Start with 25mcg a day, increase dosage ever couple of days until you reach 100mcg

So when taking 100mcg this will be 25mcg and take them 4 time per day eg 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm.

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