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supplements and customs


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im going to the U.S. for 2 weeks on friday. I've only recently got back into the routine of training and diet and supplementation and i'm determined not to drop the ball. I'm ok about having protein shakes at the gym (wherever I end up) but im taking norateen and kre alkylin at the moment - seeing great results...and I don't want to miss them out for 2 weeks. can I take them with me? or if there is ANY danger in it maybe I should just buy the smallest amounts of those supps over there and leave what i dont use?

does anyone have practical experience on this?

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Yeah the stuff is pretty cheap. Every place you go to has a supplement store called GNC and they sell bodybuilding stuff they are sometimes not the cheapest but you can find them anywhere just look in a local phone book. If you plan to go back at any stage buy a membership card which is about five bucks and you can get some big discounts on some items.

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