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Nutralife Double Strength Herbal Diuretic (and Glycerol)?


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Does anyone know whether this is legal for use in NZFBB contests? And if not what sort've alternatives are out there?

I see this product has added potassium and I am told you should also eat bananas to keep your potassium up (normal heart functioning) - has anyone heard anythng else about safe diuretic use?

Cheers :)

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Well I see nobody has replied to my question - doesnt matter I found out the answer myself.

I have something else to ask now though......Has anyone out there had any experiences with glycerol? Can glycerol be used in the pre competion cutting up diet?

If so, would it be used at the same time as the diuretic (as it is meant to draw water into the muscles), or best used when carbo loading the muscles immediately prior, or it doesnt matter?

Dosages? Availability? Problems?


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i had 1 meal with 100ml of glycerol the day before the NABBA south island and another 100ml on the morning of competition. Oh and it tastes like crap lol, you need to chase it with something. I was kinda worried when the bottle of glycerol says "Apply externally", and my personal trainer told me to eat it, i was like "umm.. you sure?".

Oh and you can just get it from a chemist for about $4 or something like that

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I thought I'd look it up on Wikipedia, then I got a bit carried away, and just spent the last hour reading about it. Ooops! :P

I'm not much wiser though... The information sounds quite contradictory. Apparently it's used to prevent dehydration in athletes, and bodybuilders using it for a pump often see an increase in water weight. Yet other bodybuilders use it to dry themselves out for a competition. It's all rather confusing, really. :think:

Here's an excellent article by John Berardi, who doesn't seem to think much of the dehydrative use at all...

http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/qa/ ... 262001.htm

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Glycerol is used in cake icing as it transports and holds fluids thus preventing dehydration. The way it works when taking for comp prep is that is transports the last bit of retained water from between the skin and the muscle and stores it in the muscle cells. Increasing vascularity and adding a little bit of fullness. I dont think its as effective as they might claim though, and it does really taste like crap.

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