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Question 4 personal trainers


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Hey just wanted to know if you could give me some advice.

I am looking at doing a 2 year diploma in personal training and exercise prescription at the start of next year down in Otago Institute of Sport. Was wanting to know if you guys being PT’s your self, if you know of any other great places to study and with that time lines on the courses because looking around there are so many available from a 7 week personal training certificate to 6 month ones and up to the 2 year diploma one that I am looking at.

Finally, does the Qualifications you get from a diploma vs a certificate really help that much more when it comes to working at a gym.


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From what I've been told - its best to get a qualification that recognises that you're REPS registered.. some gyms I think require it (and I think its recognised overseas too).

With the shorter courses, I'd imagine they'd be really intense (the 9-3pm deal like school? :shock:) A friend did the NZIS 6month one and he really enjoyed it - it scratches the surface in terms of learning about anatomy & physiology, but they spent a good deal of time in the gyms and had to do work experience as part of their assessment.

The best PTs I know though aren't qualified :shifty:

lol I guess you get out of the course what you put in... as cheesy as that sounds ;)

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