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your opinion ??

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hey chaps

any feed back would be appreciated on this proposed cycle

since being my first cycle ,im keeping it simple ,no deca or dbol

1-10 500mg/week of Test (enanthate or cypionate)

Week 12-14 Nolvadex (40mg. per day)

Week 14-16 Nolvadex (20mg. per day)

info about myself ,i do have rather solid base

6ft,92kgs,14-16%bf, 28yrs old,been training for 8 years ,the past 4 seriously

diet in check.only whey and creatine as supplementation


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u should use 200mg deca a week for your cycle your gains will be much beta and since its your first cycle u should get your best gains off it that ull ever get.

u wont get anymore side effects with adding the deca and your gains will be easier to keep, if your not worried bout deca being in your system for 18months then y not?

im sure alot of people wished they put more thought into their first cycle and took more stuff than they did.

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There's many schools of thought as far as what a first cycle should consist of. I think your cycle looks fine & quantity-wise you should just do what you are comfortable with.

I'm sure there's lots of people who wish they took less than what they did for their first cycle also.

Good to see you got a good base of training/age behind you.

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yeah id doubt itll pick up the deca etc, itll just be for weed most prob

and imo i think your best to stack the test with something else id use deca but depends who u talk to as some seem to think deca just holds water and bloats u but i dnt think this is true, its awesome stuff. and 200mg or 250mg per week if u can get it would go nicley with 500mg of test.

but main thing is your diet and train hard everyday

and dont get fat off the gear this is pointless!

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If your boss wants you drug tested then he will have you do NZFBB comps as it's free. All work drug test is only for weed and 'P' not roids as for testing this cost $400- to $600-.

If you do Deca dont do nzfbb comps.

If it was me I nwould do test & Deca with D-Bol for the 1st 4 weeks and then end it with Nolvadex.

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