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Jay Cutler coming down under


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I got this of Tony Dohertys site

We have booked Jay Cutler for his first guest pose after defending his Mr Olympia title. Melbourne - October 13th, Qld - October 14th and Sydney October 20-21st. This will be amazing to see jay in contest shape. Details coming soon.

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Your not wrong, tony runs an amazing show in melbourne each year with the Aus Grand Prix, having gone over to see it when Dexter won in 2004 it blew my mind, amazing bodybuilding atmosphere, and seeing kamali and Titus going head to head, unreal... plus a great place to run into some ex pat kiwis over there too.

When you hear Tony compere his own show, you can feel the enthusiasm and passion he has for the sport come through in his voice, and with the quality of line up he constatnly gets reflects on how highly the pros hold him too.

it is well worth shelling out for a weekend tripif you can make it, the shopping is phenominal in Melbourne too, so if you have to bribe a partner to make it a "family" event, you should do it. It's no surprise Terry H keeps going back, it really is that well run.

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if we had tony here in nz running the shows

they would be great

really nice guy

and his gym is 24 hours

been to his pro show 2005 when lee priest won

and this year and always chat with tony

he always make me feel welcome

and trained at him gym at 2am after the show :):):)

really nice guy and his wife as well

well be going again next year as well :):)

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Yes, I've been to 3 Aussie Pro shows (2004, 2006, 2007) and they were all wonderful! I agree that Tony is a top promoter and one added benefit of me going over there is to pick up some ideas for the events I run here in Wellington.

Obviously there is no comparison in terms of $$$ and the quality of competitors on show (no disrespect to our competitors, but these guys are world-class pros!), but there's no reason why an event can't have a professional "feel" even on a much lower budget.

One thing I love about the shows in 2004 and 2006 was the huge area allocated for a sponsor's "expo", which is why I encourage all the sponsors for the Wellington NZFBB events to set up a stand - it's great for the spectators, competitors and of course the sponsors!

I'm keen to organise a "group" trip to the event next year. I know a lot of us Kiwis pop over as individuals, but wouldn't it be great to do so as a group? I'd also like to encourage a few competitors to compete at the regional event that Tony runs in conjunction with the Pro show. Apart from doing an overseas show as a competitor, it's a great chance to go backstage and meet the pros and watch them prepare. Tony also allows each competitor to take a "helper" backstage, so if we pair up then we can all get to check out the action close up.

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