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Training update

L.A Muscle

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Hay everyone, just a little update on training.

Looking at possable end of year comp!

If all goes to plan I will to 10kg heaver with the same hardness as last year.

I have put a few training pics up to let you know were im at.

The day of this photo shoot I was 104kg around 6-7%

Photos taken last week.

Feed back would be great.

Thanks heaps.







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Feedback, eh? You mean, apart from "Wow..." ?

Awesome delts - I'm envious! Actually, awesome pretty much everything. If I had to nitpick, I'd say maybe your traps overpower your chest? But that could just be the angle of the photos...

Thanks for posting, man. My workout intensity will be going up another notch next week now. :grin:

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Hay guys,

Thanks for the feed back.

I have a few thing to work on.

Since this shoot, I have been on a 8000kl a week diet, and put 5kg of lean muscle.

I will do a show this year, will let you all know the day before!!!!! :pfft:

P.S There will be a few more training pic's on Gofigure this week, keep a look out.

Thanks to Lisa.

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