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Obese Boy May Lose His Family


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class. i agree. i wonder how long it will be until several of the children in NZ get taken away from their parents for rotten nutrition. I had to smile when i heard on the news the other day their is an obesity epidemic on its way. they make it sound like the influenza that everyone got scared about a couple of years ago. how can eating too much become an epidemic? we must be the only species next to dogs that can eat them selves to death.

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this sounds like the same drama that Jamie oliver had when he tried to get the kids to eat non junk food at schools. most of the problem is the parents are either too poor or uneducated in regards to food. either that or the kids are so used to this type of food they throw a huge arse wobbly if they don't get their sausage and chippies everynight. and because parents can only discipline with a "time out" they get no respect and bow to the kids.

what's the world coming to eh? :shrug:

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I dont think removing the kid is the answer, like someone said education in nutrition is the key, and I dont subscribe to the "too poor to eat good food" theory. Decent nutrition is nearly always cheaper than junk food.

Evidence supplied by John Germov (Second opinion) show links that poor people have worse nutrition because of the expense of 'good food'... he suggests nutriotion is social determined.

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