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I really admire everyone that does these bodybuilding competition, I think its great. I was going to do one this year, but I'm not any more.

However, I just loged into this website, and I've read some articles and I need brief advice on my diet. Because I've been following it for 8weeks, feel really great, but I never feel like complex carbs (strangely enough), I eat protein bars instead.

I'm female, weigh 70kg (use to weigh 54kg, but I've put on muscle), my body fats not that high. I train twice day, cardio/morning, weights/evening.

My diets basic, but I like the food I eat.


4xeggs/protein shake

or Musashi Fruit & Nut protein bar

or Rolled oats & Banana

Morning tea

Musash p40 protein bar

Or protein shake

Or Apricots & Almonds

Or 100gms tuna with cottage cheese


150-200gms protein

Salad or veg or banana or shake

Afternoon Tea

Same as morning tea


Same as Lunch

Supplements-Daily: 1xMulti vitamen, 4xkre-alkalyn, 2xbcaa's or HMB's, 2xrecovery drinks

I don't know if thats two many supplements for a female to take, but I've got really strong from taking them?????????

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Yer, its not bad progress. I want to get my weight up to 80kg. I want to compete in bodybuilding next. I'm quite guttered I can't go hard-out and do one this year.

My diets good, I train hard, about 3hrs day, split training. I'm getting heaps stronger, but I want to bulk up to my goal weight. But, I'm trying to balance my diet so I eat more. But I find that I get so busy, I find it hard to find the time to eat during the day.

I think I might add 3portions of rice and pasta daily to my meals and see if that makes more of a difference

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Yer, its not bad progress. I want to get my weight up to 80kg. I want to compete in bodybuilding next. I'm quite guttered I can't go hard-out and do one this year.

bad progress... :shock: those stats sound mean..but wats your bf approx?

and why is it that you can't go hard out and do a comp this year?

when you compete you would be in what catagory?

oh and welcome :)

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Hi Gymgoer. Your diet is pretty good (it's great that you're spreading your meals out across the day), but as you've identified, there's not much in the way of complex carbs at all.

I don't think you need to worry about the supplements you are taking - none of them work by boosting testosterone, so the only harm will be to your wallet. Protein bars are ok, but they're highly processed and probably not the ideal food to have on a regular basis. Whether protein shakes are any less processed is another question entirely, but popular opinion seems to be that shakes are better for you. :)

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I'm getting my body fat%done next week. Yer, I can't do a comp because I'm doing a law degree and if I don't maintain a B+ average over all my papers, then I wont be able to graduate.

When I trained for a bodysculpting competition a few years ago, I had to quit towards the end, because mentally, I find that I get tierd and I cant recall information that fast. That would be my worse nightmare, in the middle of all my exams and I have to remember lots of case studies and statues, and I have a memory blank. Be quite quttered!!!!

Anyway, I guess when I finally get the opportunity to do one (once I've waited), then it would be even more worth it in the end. I've always loved weight training since I've been a teenager. I think that if somethings more of a lifestyle choice, than a random, "I might give this a go", as a 'one off' endeavour. Then, you have the stickability to have patience, therefore see further results than antisipated. I think that goes a long way in the achievement of body building goals, because every sport requires commitment and I think that bodybuilding requires alot more personal disciple than any sport. Because, I don't think a lot of people would love a high protein diet and no mcdonalds, every day, every month. In addition, to jumping on the bike or running up some steps every morning, mmm!!!

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I understand perfectly with study - it is often hard to do well at both and often something suffers. It is hard to train for a comp half-arsed and feel good about your efforts. You either do it or not - it can't be half-hearted.

I had to sit a Uni paper exam in between 3 comps which were each a week a part. I was also working full time. It was hard studying and just living off greens and tuna !!!! I turned up to sit my exam with a few coats of pro-tan. The examiners had also put out water and lollies on the desks to be nice to us (I couldn't touch them either). I can't remember what I wrote - my brain was mush - but I managed to pull it off. The funny thing was the examiners said they recognised me from previous exams so I didn't need to show them my ID card - I think with the lean, brown look they confused me with someone else. I hadn't sat a Uni paper for 15 years :grin:

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Yer, it always interests me how some people can pull it off and others struggle a bit more with energy levels. I worked full-time in a fitness centre last year and studied full time. One of my co-workers was doing a masters, working, still treating herself to the odd fish n chips and junk food, got on stage and she looked amazing!!!!!!!! Another bodybuilding guy I knew (who's a real legend), won the title of his competition last year (did great this year) and still carries out a professional career as a pharmasist.

I think I might just train and diet (as if I was completing), try some different sorts of supplements and see how I go. I might just quit my job (which is quite stressful) dealing with people's employment greivances and issues. Then I can can just focus on my study and get lost of relaxation and social life. The wonders what good balance does to those energy levels.

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cool, ha that's such a hard case I'm aiming for the aucks this year and am studying full time. I agree with psuedo, try and drop the protein to only if you're unable to eat anything else, scenario. processed and less is abosrbed then say tuna or eggs..

the sups that you've picked i've found are alright for muscle retention when dieting and losing BF but when your'e putting mass on I'd suggest a multi and more food :) (I like eating)

apart from that sorry I honestly don't know that much about womens mas gain. welcome aboard

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Thanks for that frogie! Yer, I've droped having lots of processed protein bars - as suggested. I've been eating more protein & carbs, and eating even when I'm not hungry (which isn't that easy), but I feel better and I'm getting stronger - so, its working.

All the best for your training man towards the Auckland comp, I'll be there cheering you on!!!!

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