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AUT _GYM - My GYM FOR 3 Years


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I want to talk about my University Gym, I have been going there since 2004, great gym. It provides most essential parts you need to train.

Chest, legs, arms, shoulders, back, hammer press, cardio and so on and so on.

Its a great gym, but the only problem is that its a bit small but its great for me, because all I do is put on the weights and not many people come around me. But truly speaking it works the other way.

If anyone here is interested in body building and is going to AUT university and wants to come train with me sometime. Give me a yell


If anyone else goes to this gym and wants to rate it go for it.

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AUT gym is kinda small but has all the necessities.. squat racks/benches/ decent weights etc.

But dumbells stop at 52kgs for you behemoths that rip it up with 65;s.

Also if you like motivation from other lifters, forget it.. not too many serious powerlifters or body builders.

Nonetheless great value for money.

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Well i went there around 2 pm -- it was all locked up and no one inside ... couldn't go in or anything...

Yeah, that's because no one (usually) trains during that time.

There was a recent post by Jono (BigMAC) (probably in one of your threads) about usual training times throughout the week, see if you can find it.

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