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Posing Routine


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Mate, that was brilliant. Just the right combination of humour and real posing. You made good use of all the beats and accent points in the music to strike your poses. Just a couple of suggestions:

- In the middle of the routine, your rear double bi and lat spread were just a fraction too late for their "Batman" cues. It wasn't bad, but it loses impact if you're not spot on. You really needed to be snappier with your double bicep, so you could move straight onto the lat spread in time. (Perhaps some of the delay was caused by egging on the crowd?! :wink:)

- On the very last pose, you were early, and had to wait for your cue. I think you could have squeezed another pose in before that last one - and that would've meant you hit that neat finishing pose right on the last note. Big impact that way.

Don't take these comments the wrong way - I'm telling you this because I think this routine is worth perfecting, and doing again. It was still one of the best routines I've seen, IMO. 8)

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I got to see your routine at the show, as said before, it was a good mix of poses and comedy. Oftern the Masters ad humor but it's great to see the young guys doing it too, shows confidence when done it the right way! Good for you, I was totally laughing and cheering along.

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of_wolf u have to give me some tips for my next show :lol:

haha wish i could mate wish i could. it actually takes me a while to put the routines together... sometimes i'd have no idea what pose to put in next and i'd kinda leave it until the last nite of prep... thats why i sometimes do real random poses in my routines or just throw one in there to fill up the gap lol.

your next comp will b in 08 anyway?

and how do u get that smiley?!?!?! I WANT!!!

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