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new boy needs help with eating


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hey thanks for sending me to tools i read it all and will try to work with the program there. I have been working out for only about 5 months and now find im addicted to the swelling of muscle that i see after a good hard workout i just wish it dident shrink back down

on the food thing i eat normal meals and have started eating complete nutrition bars (17g protein) or having a shake is that ok for the meals in between brec/lunch/dinner ? :D

im age 27


sex m

thanks for your help

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yes im 27 years old sponge

my normal diet would go something like this

730am 3 weetbix 1/2 can of fruit salad

1000am protein bar 17g portein

or maybe a sandwich / 4 slices white bread 2 slices of ham 2 tomato cucumber sliced letuce 2 sheets some sliced cheese

1200 pie i love pies steak & cheese mmm

one pie for lunch bakery style

200pm ill work out every second day now and ave a no-xplode drink one scoop ( i only drink this befor a workout not any other time )

430 dinner any thing i cook ( mince chicken steak ) with rice or potato

and maybe some frozen veg

i all so have protein shakes (horleys awesome mass, whey protein ,creatine,mct's + magnesium 35% protein )

i drink these when i can after a workout but normaly at random some times not at all

i also take a mens multy vit

have a bucket of creatine i dont use cos it is like drinking sand

i hope u dont have to much fun at my expence :oops:

thanks for replying its nice to know someone is there to help

ops i left out the binge drinking once a week maybe 8 pints of max gold mmmmm beer

and by the way im one of these people that can eat all day and never get fat i have tryed a pie and donut diet once and lost weight. working out seems to be the only way to put it on

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0730 theres no protein!

1000 why not have your sandwich AND the protein bar..

1200 since this is your pre-workout meal you should have a lot more complex carbs and a little bit more protein. there's not really all that much in a pie, except for fat

what's after your workout? energy source + protein straight afterwards is needed

ah i just read your stuff about horleys. dont forget the energy source for post workout and you also need to keep eating meals before you go to bed.. don't stop at 4.30pm...

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