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Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

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Interview went well, wasnt as bad as i was expecting. So as soon as another police check gets cleared will go into candidate pool. Big infantry numbers on Feb and March intakes so fingers crossed. Anyone know what sort of weight for pack marches? And distance? Ive been doing around 35kg and about 7 to 10k

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On 7/4/2020 at 7:28 PM, struggledgoose said:

what happens if you run just over the 12 minute mark

on induction you'll be fine. 


If you can't beat the minimum score at the end of basic then you'll have to worry.

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On 7/24/2018 at 12:44 AM, tomleegolf said:

I've been accepted as a medical officer cadet which is a very different process to becoming a medic. The NZ Army offers a scholarship scheme for medical students (I'm a 2nd year medical student at the Otago Uni) where they pay the fees for the last 3 years of the 6 year degree in medicine. On top of that, they also pay a salary for these last 3 years as well.  The condition is that I serve in the Army for 4 years once I'm registered, but I'll be going in as a Medical Officer (doctor) with the rank of Captain so it's a pretty sweet deal.


If you want to go down this path, it is a long one and very competitive. You'll need a good level of physics, chemistry, biology and maths before starting university at either Auckland or Otago. Then the grades you get in first year are used to determine entry into medicine. At Otago, 1800 students start Health Sciences First Year and only 170 get into med so it's quite tough.


I found out about the scheme when the Army Medical Officers came and presented it to us. I applied in March, had an interview, completed my fitness and aptitude tests in April and then I was told I had made it through to the Officer Selection Board (OSB). The OSB is basically a 5-day job interview/camp which all of those wanting to become Army Officers must pass in order to become one. The other candidates came from diverse backgrounds; there were 18 year olds that were still at school, current soldiers, uni students, and personal trainers etc. It's extremely challenging and also very competitive but it's one hell of an experience.


I know a student doing HSFY right now who used to be a medic and I also know a fellow 2nd year med student who has just started medic training in the reserves so I'll talk to them about what it's like and post here again.

Thanks for your in depth reply. 


I'm currently preparing for an OSB. Do you have any advice on what to expect and how to prepare? 

I understand that they're looking for the right character traits and behaviour patterns so you can't 'hack' it so to speak. But I'd like to put myself on an even playing with the guys who are already soldiers or have friends that have successfully completed the selction. 



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@DaseinThe directing staff who run OSB will give you all these impossible scenarios and you will have to make decisions for your imaginary team as they want to know your reasoning.


You might be disadvantaged compared to the enlisted guys going up as they usually have rank and have command experience, but like you said, its mindset and personality they are looking for. It would also be worth knowing a bit of military history. Maintain a high level of fitness, and look after your teammates, and put them before yourself. 



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