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I started taking steroids when I was 22

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This is from a Forum from over seas that I read.

and no it's not me ok.


"I started taking steroids when I was 22. I have been taking them off and on for almost 20 years. The only side effects I had were bitch tits or gyno, which I had a plastic surgeon remove back in 1984. That was not a good experience, but I don't regret my use of anabolic steroids, GH, or insulin in any way what-so-ever!

Back in 1982 I entered my first bodybuilding contest, and won the overall title. I was on my first cycle of deca-durabolin, winstrol, and anavar. I did not suffer any side effects from the usage, and continued for 4 month cycles till I reached a body weight of 230 pounds, with about 7% body fat. At 5'6" tall I finally thought I was big enough. Through the years, I would usually compete at the light-heavy's, or for national meets, get down to middle weight divisions. This was through a doctor's care and LEGAL prescriptions. I had my blood work tested before my scripts were given, (actually the doc required it) and found my serum test levels were quite low for a man of 22 years old. The doc then told me the options I had for prescriptions...but I already knew what my friends took and was 'coached' on what to ask for.

When Pres. Reagan made steroids a class III substance (stupid) in 1989, many doctors including mine, got cold feet and stopped writing all scripts for steroids. This sucked, and so I went out myself and found them in different places whether it was at the gym, or in Mexico, etc. etc. etc. That’s how I got gyno. All I could get sometimes was test propionate, which, as any bodybuilder will tell you, will give you bitch tits if you are prone to it, guaranteed. Young and naive the way I was, I did not know you could control getting gynocomastia with Nolvedex, an anti estragen. But when it happened, I got it taken care of! I know some idiots that have never had their gyno taken care of, and still walk around with tits like a woman....what gives?

As for blood pressure, mine stayed in the normal or high normal range. My solution? Watch your sodium or salt intake. Bodybuilding is a way of life! You have to live it and that means eating properly, especially if you are taking steroids, GH or whatever.

Moods? Sure, I noticed I was a little easier aggravated, but I controlled it. It goes like this....if you're a jerk and lose control often, then you have no business on steroids. They will turn a person like that into an animal. I never hurt anybody, and have always tried to help people, especially during a heavy cycle! Go help build a house for Habitat for Humanity if you are pissed, don't get into fights! You have to channel all that energy constructively. If you can't, then get off the juice, quit crying, and pull yourself together.

One thing I see is the greater quality and size of pro bodybuilders the last 10 years. Even the best there once was, Arnold, would not stand a chance against just a Jr. National heavyweight in the top 10 these days! It has gotten very complicated! Steroids are just one tool for a competitive bodybuilder now, there is GH, Insulin, and IGF too!! Not to mention some state of the art aminos and Whey Protein powders. All together, are producing the demi-gods we see today. They can't afford an apartment but they are pro, and they are happy and live in their vans. Hey if it makes you happy do it! Its a free country right?

It does get scary through, when a young kid in the gym walks up and tells me he's been cycling insulin for 7 weeks.....I tell him (her) to get off immediately and stay off for at least 3 months. (the most you are "supposed" to do is 3 weeks on and 8 weeks off.) Kids these days....man!!! Don't get me wrong, I do not tell kids to take anabolics or whatever, I just try to keep them from killing themselves.....I also DO NOT sell steroids, and never will! Hell, that’s 10 years prison, man, with the crazy laws they have now....its your funeral if you do.

I really hate stories about individuals who are crying in their beer about how fat they became after being on for 10 years etc etc etc. Get a life! Steroids are a tool, that’s it. If you abuse anything, you are goanna pay for it in the long run. And even then, compare steroid abuse with Alcohol abuse, and tobacco abuse...how many people die each year from the last two? Tens of thousands right? Guys and Gals: PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER AND QUIT WHINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just looking for a scapegoat.

If I find that I am getting to used to being 'on' I will taper off and get completely off of steroids or whatever, but gradually. Don't shock your body, and get off completely!!! You got to give your body time to get clean! Then go have your blood tested and have a full spectrum lab done on it. If you're going to use steroids, use them with a little responsibility, and take care of your body the best way you can. Test your blood pressure regularly, and stay off of the juice for 3 or 4 months ,at least, at a time. If you are looking in the mirror after just a few weeks and think you're tiny, I think its time for the Shrink. You have to watch your food intake too, if you've been getting 6000 calories a day, your body will still want them. It takes just a little will power, but just quit stuffing your face! Get out of the couch and go enjoy the outdoors!

What have I learned? Well, after bodybuilding for almost 20 years, I see that it is a great way of life, and a fantastic way to stay young. Steroids are a tool for a goal, and that’s it! Use them if you want, but be responsible, and don't blame them for your own mistakes.

Stay Healthy!"

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