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Mick Hart's "No Bull" Ezine January 6 - 2007

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Mick Hart's "No Bull" Ezine

Saturday, January 6, 2007

- "Those muscles of Chris won't last."

Copy of an email sent to me...

"So I have seen the pics of Chris your son. Congratulations, you have taught your son to cheat. Those muscles will not last, just like those of 90% of steroid users. That's what you get when you cheat. I know because I see them all at the gym where I go."

- Timothy.

Hey Timothy, I know you're reading this, because you subscribed to my ezine. My question is what the f*ck did you subscribe to my "Bodybuilding and Steroid" ezine for? It's not for honest people like you, it's for the cheaters like me, and here's another picture for you of Chris who as you say "I taught to cheat" by helping him train intelligently with LOW DOSES, once HE took the decision to take steroids for HIMSELF: http://mickhart.com/images/chris-bodyshot1.jpg

Oh and don't buy "The Chris Report" (here's the link for you NOT to go to and buy it http://www.mickhart.com/chris )

It's a complete of how he went from zero to British Championship qualifier in a year. But please don't YOU buy the report Timothy, that would be cheating now wouldn't it... and you wouldn't want to end up looking like Chris through cheating would you !

- Got this email the other day...


Why have we been lied to all these years about weightlifting and no one has ever stepped in and said

enough? Until recently I thought I could look like Arnold or Steve Reves just by working out hard and eating and living well. I'm really disappointed to find out this is just not true. I'm 45 years old now and I feel cheated out of having my dream. Now even if I get where I want to be I'm still almost an old fucking man.

The bodybuilding industry has let me down totally and I'm angry as hell about all the lies they told me for the last 25 years I've been lifting weights.Why was they allowed to do this to people like me that believed in them?"

- Billy

"Hi Billy,

Don't lose heart mate, the belief in yourself is more important than the bullshit the commercial world of

bodybuilding has given you AND the rest of us for so many years. It is sad but true I am afraid.You were lead

to believe that if you eat what the pro's eat, like the protein powders and vitamins etc etc then

you could look like that so long as you continued to buy them week after week. Clever I know, but

unfortunately there was as much chance of that happening as there is me having my fringe cut - and I am BALD! Listen mate, f*ck em, train hard and develop a belief in what you have learned over the years; only you know how hard you can train and then make yourself train harder only to prove these people wrong.

Steroids are not the only answer even though I am pro gear. We/you can achieve much without the gear, it is just that gear gives you an edge with the protein that you take in. It just makes it work better.If you do not want to take the gear, then kudos to you my friend. You can do wonders without it, believe me I know.

Another tip: when reading mags and you turn to the ad pages, turn the page again and f*ck them in their

pocket. In my magazine adverts are rare, because no one wants to buy any shit anyway :-) but who gives a rats

arse eh!

Keep smiling, train hard and use the adverts for toilet paper but be careful because it will slip up yer back a

little too quick :-)

Stick with the NO BULL COLLECTION, at least you get to see a few laughs.

- Don't ever ask "Mick who?", or he'll send the Bulls round

This appeared on a UK forum the other day...

"Despite being pretty well known as the guy who knows just about everyone in UK bodybuilding, I really do know just about nothing about this guy (Mick Hart) I've never seen him at shows, never seen his mag, don't

know anyone who knows him or has anything to say about him...Quite frankly, he's a bit of a mystery to me and don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing him in any way but does anyone know Mick or have anything to do with him ? What's his story ?? Think I might have been slagged off on his forum a couple of years ago but I think all those 'in the know' knew who that was...Yawn... I used to like his column in 'Bodybuilding Monthly' years ago although he did use quite a lot of unnecessary bad language but that's his writing style I guess..."

So what was the response, go take a look for yourself:

http://www.uk-muscle.com/community/body ... sp?ID=1589

- Doctor who has treated "...well over 1000 people withTestosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)" agrees with Mick...and asks for his opinion.

This is a great read and shows really how much bodybuilders know about steroid use. Here's an email I got and the reply...

"Hi Mick, Well, I always knew you would come through! Thanks for your email. I appreciate this all takes time. I am typing this myself but I can touch type at 80+ words a minute, so it doesn’t take long.

I agree with you that we start losing Testosterone after 30 and I am all for replacing it. I started late, in my

58th year to do so. Professor Thiery Herrtog from Belgium is a believer. He is an Endocrinologist but one of the rare sensible ones and he has started supplementation before age 40.

I have treated well over a thousand patients with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and have read their

diaries. That plus my own experience means I know what you are talking about.

However, I find the whole thing quite Tricky. In all my patients, including myself. The very first few weeks of

starting makes you feel 20 years younger, with morning erections that were only a dim memory and great libido. Continuous treatment tends to dampen the response, even using small doses. I have treated women for low libido and the first few doses of TRT has them unbelievable horny, but by the fourth dose, very little happens. So I am interested in how you keep it going with 12 weeks treatment a year. There is no doubt our Androgen Receptors can be down regulated by too much TRT. I still don't understand how the pyramid stacking regime started off. I always fear higher than normal doses but as I said, I recently have started 3-4 weekly Primoteston 250 + Decadurabolin 50 and had my third dose 1 week ago. I do note the surge and benefits, but am concerned that by week four I am losing it. As I mentioned, I am doing weights, just two times a week.

I sure agree with you on the story of the "BIG FAT GUY" Its amazing how they think. They smoke, drink alcohol by the gallon, eat fat++ but when I suggest they take a tablet or an injection they are horrified that this will invade their "pristine body". As you say: Go Figure. I can't emulate your colourful language, though I enjoy

reading it, but tell me what you do to "screw faster than a QE2 propellor." How does this last after your 12 wk

course? ...And are you really 300 lb?? How could you in one session improve my patients humping power and recovery? I want to know!! - more for me than my patients!!

You Mention Proviron. What do you think of it? and how much?

Yes I agree that low T brings on marital problems and depression - skinny legs and fat stomachs and withered

arms and chest. I see the poor oldies down at the beach and no amount of exercise and good food will help them.Thank you for your best wishes and I would very much offer you also my sincere best wishes."

God Bless, Lou


Here's my reply to Dr. Lou...

"Hi Lou,

During a 12 week course we would be taking nolvadex on a daily basis as 20mg per day. This keeps the estrogen levels low, for the guys anyway. We would also, occasionally, take a shot of HCG during the cycle to assist the body in normalizing it's normal hormonal levels. Personally, I do not have a problem in this area

but when I do, taking maybe one shot at the end of a cycle and that would do.The pyramid system started off with safety in mind. Too much at first is not safe. By starting off at a steady pace and then adding gear at slightly increasing levels is a way that we can eventually reach a point where we can say, "that works for me!"

But if the person reaches a certain point BEFORE he takes the second or third shot, and sees that he is or has

gained enough, he can hold back rather than take the shot and risk water retention or any other side effect. That is the safe thing to do. Those that do not follow this method are usually the ones that have the problems and side

effects in the first place; the people to whom the media refer to as "steroid abusers". My students have never had this problem, well those that have listened anyhow. To the sensible bodybuilder this makes makes perfect sense; to the nutter who will attempt to get bigger no matter who stands in his way, it is a load of bullshit.

12 weeks treatment? Not always. In some cases, I prefer to do a lot of small cycles of say 6 weeks to combat the

problem that you have spoken of, after a cycle of that length I would then take about 6 weeks off but this depends on how I feel. An instinct has to be developed and this happens fairly quickly. Thew worst thing that you can do is to be so consistent to a point that you use the same cycle every time, same gear, same food, same attitude - these have to be changed so that the body does not know which day it is; it works perfectly too.

With your patients I would go short sharp shocks for a month at a time, then off for the same. The next time,3

week treatments with two weeks off, as examples. But I would also see what type of person would be doing the

treatment; attitude, outlook etc etc - do they want to feel better? that kind of thing.

You see with me, as a coach, my association with each person is so personal and rarely practiced with other

bodybuilding coaches I think. I truly do get to know what the persons life is like and with that info I can help

even better. It is hard, but who said it was easy. I just wished I charged more for it :-) 300lb? Was, but due to illness more like 30 now! I will check the time differences and give you a call sometime. Take care mate!"

Sincere Regards, Mick

That's it for now

Train Hard,

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