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Where's Waldo #3...Hi from New York and Chicago!


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Hey everyone,

You would think that in two cities of a combined population of nearly 20 million I could find an Internet cafe...it's taken a while but I have.

What a blast! I can't describe how incredible these cities are...a good way is to say the main part of New York, Manhatten Island, has nearly four times the population of NZ living/working on it. Now i'm in Chicago, my hotel is next to the John Hancock centre. It's about 120 stories tall and has 18,000 people working in it. You can't comprehend the scale of these places until you are here.

Did all the normal tourist things in NY....Times Square, Empire State, Ground Zero and more. Managed to find a gym, they tried to charge $35 US a workout....managed to get in free the first time, and paid half rates the other two days. As for other gym related things, stuck my head in the Powerhouse Gym owned by Bev Francis from Australia (famous female BB), and had a good yarn with the manager of a GNC supplement store. It's all Muscle-Tech, BSN, and Cytosport here. The prices aren't too far off NZ, but if you have a GNC card a tub of NO-Xplode would cost about $39 US. Pretty good really. Speaking of NO-Xplode, it is the #1 selling supp in the US now (somewhere around 35 million units so far), more than most protein powders. You can find Ronnie advertising it on TV!

Next stop for me is LA, followed by San Francisco. Now you may think that I might have been making far too much dosh to be able to afford this trip. Not so! My partner is here on a business trip, her company is paying for me to be here. They had to twist my arm pretty hard to get me to come!

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Nice to hear you are having such a blast on your travels, Waldo!

You might be tagging along on your partner's business trip, but it sounds like you're doing a fair bit of your own business-related research as well!

So, when are you getting back to NZ, Mr Jetsetter?! I assume you will be heading over the ditch in early March for the Australian Pro show - sounds like Tony D is getting some top names lined up already (Vince Taylor, Mustafa Mohammed, Marcus Haley). I'm hoping to book my flights over soon.

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I'm back in business on the 15th...leaving Chicago tomorrow for LA. For the single guys, Chicago seems to have fantastic women, not that I'm looking, they seem to smile at my son a lot!

GNC has a card system which makes it pretty cheap in my book. Things like Anator would cost about $60 US...do the maths, it's selling in NZ for over $200. Not too much internet shopping goes on here either, most people want it in their hands when they exchange money. From personal experience, we get stung with duty and GST, and the fact that some US companies don't seem to want to give discounts on small orders. One company I have been talking to were trying to sell to me wholesale what the punter buys it for in GNC on discount!

Won't be doing the Aussie Pro Show, my bank has taken a hammering here. I'm trying to get Phily to go to Australia for the Country Classic.

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That's a great idea to get Phily to do the CCI show - I'm sure he will do very well after his great performances in 2006!

Shame you won't be going to Melbourne in March - I'm sure Crown Casino will be disappointed too!! :D

Good to hear you will be back next week - I'm keen to have a chat with you in the near future about the NZFBB Wellington champs in late April.

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I'll be back as per, don't worry about that MT.

Just thought I should note quickly, Cytodyne that make xenadrine and three other companies have been fined a total; of 25 million USD after making false claims over their fat loss products. In the case of xenadrine, an independant study found the placebo actually had more fat loss than xenadrine itself. It's all over the news here.

Ironically, in the ad break for the news, there was an ad for hydroxycut.

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