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The 2007 Goals thread


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I suppose it's time for the obligatory New Year goals thread, so here we go....

What are your training goals and New Years resolutions for 2007?

Competing? Cutting? Bulking? Hitting a new PB on a specific lift? Gaining an extra 20kg of body fat? :grin:

Mine are simple:

Get in 3 x martial arts classes a week

Rehab a few niggling injuries that have been bothering me for ages

Drop down to single figure BF while keeping my bodyweight over 100kg

Dramatically increase my flexibility and cardio fitness

Add a lot more organic and raw foods into my diet

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Ok Goals for 07:

Deadlift : at least 220kg.

Squat: Anything over 170kg and Im happy

Bench: I dont care


Grappling: at least twice a week

Striking: at least once a week.

Bodyfat bring it down to 12 - 14% and keep it there.

There... goals that are achievable eh ?

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My main goal is something I have each year - to be better when I next compete than I have ever been in the past (and as I am now 46 years old it is getting harder to do! :D )

Some new goals for me this year are to:

1) be more experimental with my training, diet and supplementation

2) look after my body more (i.e. not overtrain, not ignore injuries, get regular massages etc)

3) do more cardio in the off-season, not just leaving it for my pre-comp phase.

Happy New Year everyone - all the very best for 2007!!

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2006 Lifts (2006 beginning of the year test-lifts)

Snatch: 123kg (100kg) +23%

CJ: 150kg (120kg) +25%

Total: 270kg (220kg) +22%

Power Snatch: 105kg (85kg) +23%

Power Clean: 140kg (110kg) +27%

Push Press: 135kg (105kg) +28%

Back Squat: 185kg (135kg) +37%

Bodyweight at the start of 2006 was 102-103kg.

Lowest weigh in, in 2006, was 91.23kg.

Goals for 2007.

Snatch: 140kg.

Clean/Jerk: 170kg.

Total: 310kg.

Power Snatch: 115kg.

Power Clean: 152.5kg.

Push Press: 145kg.

Front Squat: 180kg.

Back Squat: 205kg.

Become a full 105kg lifter, but I think I won’t have problems with this.

Increase frequency of flexibility training.

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Snatch 136kg (1kg over NZ junior record)

CJ 185kg

Total over 310kg to qualify for Oceania seniors

This is providing I can get a full healthy shoulder by April/May (thanks for the help above)

Front squat 230kg

Back squat 270kg

Jerk 190kg

Power clean 175kg

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My slightly ambitious goals for 2007,

6-7 Competitions

Lower BF (4%)

2 National titles, NABBA Athletic Open Short & NZFBB Open U70kg

Compete overseas

Have fun trying to achieve the above

Good stuff, Andrew! You had an excellent 2006 with your comps and it's great to see you aiming to step up to the next level. Good on you for trying both NABBA and NZFBB comps. I did 5 NABBA show last year after doing 16 NZFBB/IFBB event over the previous 5 years and it was a very rewarding experience. More and more people are competing for both organisations now which I think is fantastic for them and for NZ bodybuilding in general.

So, which NZFBB event are you looking to qualify in and do you have a particular overseas event you want to try?

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yeah both you guys are doing real well and lifting some impressive weight.

are we gona see any more of your lifting videos in the future as they were very good to see espcially for the people that dont no much about olympic lifting.

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I could say the same for Richard, he's beating us both on relative/absolute strengths as well as Sinclair. There's not much we can do about that now, apart from hard training and working on our weakpoints. Our time will come!

There will be more videos as we go through the year (competitions/training).

Amen brother.

I'm hoping to make some cool videos this year. Coming soon.

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How does your body hold up to all the competitions? Does it still experience growth and how far apart are they?

The comps well be about a month apart and no there wont be much growth just small refinements, I did 4 comps this year and the body had no problems at all just have to be sensible

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Not sure how badly injured your rotator is but the DC shoulder stretch sorted out my rotators in a few weeks. I'd always thought that I'd live with sore rotators forever, so I can't recommend it enough.....

Check out:


:shock: I've been doing that DC stretch for a week and a half now, and Holy bejeeezus it worked!! Tentatively did some benching the other day and blow me down, there were no niggly pains in the right shoulder... 100 points for reviving that thread Ash!!

My goal this year is to stretch after each weight training. Prevention is better than cure.. or something like that :grin:

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