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nth harbour pics (late)


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did you win? because you look way bigger then those guys next to you.

yeah i won my class (junior men). there was just 2 in my class, the pics of my class is pic number 2,3 and 4.

Is that your bro next to you in the first pic?

yeah cammo thats my brother in the first pic.

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i been training seriously for about 2 1/2 years.

joined the gym when i was 15 but didnt get serious till after i turned 17.

i turned 20 a couple of months ago.

and no i dont care that i might have been taller had i not trained so early. i didnt do heavy squats or many free weights until i was about 18, i mainly did machine work, which worked good for me and i still use machines alot.

i think im tall enough (as long as im taller than most chicks aye :pfft: )

how old are u anyway ohjoshua?

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how old are u anyway ohjoshua?

im 21.

was interested about your age and training time so i could compare it to my progress so far.

its 5 months this week since i joined the gym.

but, first 2 months i was just playing with machines and learning what movements hit each body part etc.

even though i cant move the heavy weights yet i train at high intensity.

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