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hey there guys my name is luke i live and work as a personal trainer in melbourne. I have also just been appointed the victorian promoter to run WNBF shows here in melb, something that has been a dream of mine since i first attented my first bb'ing show. My passion for this great sport extends further than the stage where i have competed and won city and state titles, i now would like to put my energy into creating not just a show but an "experience" for athletes! P.S stay tuned for more info regarding WNBF in your great country SOON!


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Ta Truds! 2guns the WNBF or world natural bodybuilding federation stems from New York and is the world leaders in drug testing. WNBF in New York is the federation open to professional athletes, however in Australia and i believe in New Zealand the WNBF will be open to amateur atlhletes. luke

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I'm not sure what the testing is like in the states and other countries affiliated to the WNBF, but in the UK all winners (at qualifiers and nationals) are urine tested. They also have out of season urine testing. Before you step on stage at the Britain finals you have to take a polygraph test (lie detector) where they ask you various questions. (It's quite scary!)

My good friend Jon Harris has just come back from the 2006 WNBF Pro Worlds crowned World Champion. A great achievement, he has come 2nd twice, in 2003/2004, took a year off and come back this year and took the title. I've attached a couple of piccies of Jon guest posing three weeks before the worlds, and a link to piccies of the day after, where he has a few photos with my friend Cheryl (here I am name dropping.. ha ha) who won the women's title.




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Welcome, Luke - great to see another event organiser as a member on this site! I organise events in Wellington for the NZFBB as well as being on the NZFBB Executive and I would be keen to hear more about the WNBF and how you prepare for and run shows over there.

I've been to a couple of Australian Pro Grand Prix events (2004 & 2006) run by another of your local promoters - Tony Doherty. Tony runs awesome events and obviously lives and breathes bodybuilding as a gym owner and promoter. I guess as a Personal Trainer and bodybuilding competitor, it's the same for you?! I also compete regularly, but I'm an IT consultant, so I'm not totally immersed in the sport ...... although my wife thinks I'm a bit obsessive about it sometimes!! :lol:

I look forward to sharing ideas with you and hearing more about the WNBF.

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