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This has been propelled into such a huge issue in the media at the moment especially in the United States. There have been doping scandals , trials, speeches at congress the media has been having a fielday. Somehow the actions of sportspeople trying to better their careers by using performance enhancing drugs has overtaken issues like crime , health care, even the war in Iraq has taken a back seat . The governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger an avid and publicly acknowledged user is pushing hard for their total ban. The outcome in the United States is unknown but it will have a profound effect on the rest of the world.

Performance enhancement has been around since the beginning of sports, training is even a form of performance enhancement. Sportspeople are always looking for that edge whether it be lighter running shoes, new training technique, right through to getting the newest research chemicals. Joe public has no idea how rampant drugs are in sport with their idols always condemning drugs and drug cheats, these are usually the worst offenders. Carl lewis at the 84' Olympic 100 metre sprint was well beaten by Ben Johnson. Johnson was then disqualified for positive drug test and Lewis promoted to first. Lewis went on to say he could see it in Johnsons eyes that he was on drugs. All these years later we find out that Lewis himself had failed 9 random drug test over his years of competing and yet none had ever been made public. He was a avid anti-drug advocate and was portrayed as a hero and inspiration on how to do it without drugs. So many questions come to mind how ? why ?

These days it comes down to how much money you have backing you . The best Scientists and Dr's are employed for one simple reason to help the athletes win. New drugs are invented all the time that cannot be detected because of this the drug testing organisations are adopting a new policy of inventing performance enhancers so they can be one step ahead. A fair Olympics would be having no drug testing at all , this way the countries that can't afford the top Dr's, scientists and masking agents can still use performance enhancers without worry of disqualification. The first Olympics where drugs made everyone equal.

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