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bout time i had one of these I guess. so here goes, started the year at 102kg, and am currently at 81kg. 40" waist to 31" but still cant shift the belly fat.

have just ditched a full body compound move workout 3x per week, so i guess it will take a while to get the weights up...

I train at home, so no olympic bar, or spotters, just me,myself and mr ipod

Decided I will try 5x5's since its been recommended for getting mass up a bit



Flat BB Press

15 W/U reps 47kg


45' Incline DB Press

15,20,22.5,25, 27.5


5x5 @ 10kg


DB Press


Upright DB rox

5x5 @ 12.5KG

BB Shrug

47KG, 67kg x 4 sets

3 sets "Javorek" complex thingees with 3kg DB

Heart rate monitor says 47mins to complete, av rate 95BPM, peak 120

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Arms Day


Standing DB curl

20 x 3kg WU

12.5, 12.5,15,15,17.5

Standing EZ bar curl


seated concentrations

5 x10kgs


Behind the head DB raise


Lying EZ bar ext.

5 x 22.5kg (light, but bar dont fit on bench so hard to lift initially)

CG cable push down


Rope Push down

20,15,10,5,0 (in succesion)

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ok, so im useless and had a full week off on booze, junk food,bingeing etc, thought i deserved it, but man does it play havoc with the insides..its also strange being "hungover" before the night even ends

Mon 27


DB incline Press

3x 10 - 15kg w/up


BB Press


FB Flye

2x 10 10kgs

DB overhead Press super set with front & side Lat raise

3x10 reps with 5kgs (soft i know )

Bench dip


OH rope ext

8x 10, 10 x10, 10 x 15, 12 x 10

Tue 28

Touch- 35 mins, Av HR 120, Max 165bpm

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ha, yeah, only problem is xmas party is this weekend, tha was just a week of blobing


Front Pull down

2x10 @ 20kg WU

8x37.5 , 8 x 40, 10 x40, 12x35

T bar (with BB)

8x 40,8x40,10x 45

reverse grip bent over row

3 x10 @ 20kg

seated close griprow



Standing DB curl

10 x10kg,10x12.5, 12x 12.5

seated machine preacher

10x25,10x25,8x25,6x 15

standign ez bar 21

2 x 21 @ 17kg

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few days off, neck and bruised heel


DB 45" inc press

W/up 10 x 10/15/20

4x30, 8 x 30,12 x 25, 10 x 20

BB Press

1x 75, 1 x 70,1x65,1x60 (about this point I realised my shoulder wasnt gonna hold) 3 x 8 reps @ 50kg with 30 sec rests

3 x 10 rep 10kg flyes

DB seated shoulder press S/set with alt front/ side lat raise

3 x sets of 10

Paralell bench dips

3 x10

rope pushdown

2 x 15

weight today 80.6kg

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